Kris Marshall: ‘Death in Paradise made me realise my surfing days are over!’

Kris Marshall reveals how a real-life injury in tonight's episode of Death in Paradise made him realise his surfing days were well and truly over!

Viewers will see DI Humphrey Goodman take to the waves in order to impress DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martin), but Kris, formerly a keen surfer, told What's on TV he was in agony throughout the scene: “I used to be quite a big surfer, but I dropped it when I did my shoulder in. So when I heard I had to surf in this episode I couldn’t wait to get back in the water and on a board!

“But because I hadn’t surfed for three years, as I was paddling my whole back went and I couldn’t move my arm! They really needed the shot, so I rested up over the weekend and went back in. Shamefully it looks like I’ve never surfed in my life – which is the whole idea with Humphrey – but in reality I was in pain. I think my surfing days are over, I’m just too old now!”

During the episode an array of guest stars from Casualty, The Fast Show, EastEnders and Broadchurch are suspected of shooting a professional surfer, and it’s up to Humphrey and Camille to figure out who killed him, and why!

Kris explains: “This is an interesting closed room murder set in a surf school. Closed room murders are always great fun. I’m amazed when viewers figure out the killer, as I never do. I must be really stupid!

“But that’s what’s good about Death in Paradise; it’s sunny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can watch it while you do the knitting!”


Elaine Reilly
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