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Kym Marsh teases tonight’s big Coronation Street car crash - 'Michelle can’t understand why he’s in Macclesfield!'

Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston crashes his car!
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

'He told her he was in Sandbach'

Kym Marsh has teased how Michelle Connor begins to question everything tonight in Coronation Street when Robert Preston crashes his car.

Robert has spinning a web of lies for weeks now as he leads double lives with the two women in his life, Michelle and Vicky.

But in tonight’s double bill of Coronation Street, Robert (Tristan Gemmill) is involved in car crash which has dramatic consequences for him.

Robert is driving back home from Vicky’s place when Michelle calls up to rant about her former boss Ray. Robert becomes distracted, taking his eyes off the road, and ends up smashing his car.

Kym teases that Michelle is worried but also confused when she gets a phone call from the police saying Robert’s in a Macclesfield hospital – why on earth is he there?!

“Michelle can’t understand why he’s in Macclesfield, when he told her he was in Sandbach,” says Kym. “From that moment, she thinks something isn’t right.

Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor realises Robert has been lying to her

At the hospital tonight in Coronation Street, Michelle can't understand why Robert is talking about a baby

And Kym goes on to reveal that Michelle’s suspicions become even more intense. You see, as Robert returns from theatre, he starts muttering about a baby!

To make matters even worse, tonight in Coronation Street Michelle will also clock a “Big Daddy” necklace that pregnant Vicky gave him.

“When Robert comes round he explains things and gives her a cock-and-bull story. It could be feasible, but Michelle is very suspicious,” says Kym.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle and Carla Connor follow Robert to Vicky’s address…

Friday's Coronation Street will see Michelle and Carla tail Robert as he goes to see Vicky to tell her that it's over between them

Later in the week, Robert will at last realise that he can’t carry on with his double life – but little does he know that Michelle and Carla are following him!

Catch Coronation Street tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.