Emmerdale's Louise Marwood and Kelvin Fletcher: 'Chrissie does an amazing job of framing Andy!' (VIDEO)

Kelvin Fletcher, Louise Marwood

Louise Marwood and Kelvin Fletcher talk to What's on TV about the upcoming drama for Chrissie and Andy in Emmerdale

Things go from bad to worse in Chrissie and Andy’s rocky relationship when a distraught Chrissie frames Andy for the attempted murder of her father Lawrence.

When Lawrence is shot by his grandson Lachlan, Chrissie is prepared to do anything to protect her son and, after everything she has learned about Andy lately, she decides some retribution is in order and attempts to frame him for the shooting.

Louise Marwood, who plays Chrissie, explained to What's on TV why she is framing her man: “It’s a catalogue of events, it's not just one thing. She finds out some things about him, which makes her question his very being. I think she’s like, he’s not the guy I thought he was, maybe he is as bad as his brother. She didn’t think that was possible.”

Chrissie had heard of the sordid murder pact between Andy and Ross – that Ross would kill Robert and in return Andy would kill Pete – from Aaron. On top of that, Chrissie discovered that Bernice and Andy slept together. It’s all too much for her and she wants revenge.

“Girls that have grown up with money are quite terrifying anyway, I know a few of them… You don’t really want to mess with them because their whole lives they are afforded this confidence [that] the world is theirs for the taking if they want it. And she’s had that.”

When the shooting takes place in Home Farm, she does a thorough job of setting up Andy and with mounting evidence it becomes clear that Andy might actually go down for it.

“People start accepting that there’s a possibility that he might have done it," said Louise. “A woman scorned is just sort of building this character that you don’t really want to mess with.”

Will Andy take the rap for a crime he hasn’t committed or will Lawrence come round and provide the proof to get him off the hook? It's not looking good for Andy that his freedom lies in the hands of a man who loathes him…

Watch the interview with Louise Marwood and Kelvin Fletcher, above.

Story by Orla O'Muiri

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