‘Married At First Sight UK’ fans left ‘shouting at the TV’ as Morag and Josh have an explosive row

Married at First Sight UK - Josh and Morag fight
Josh came under fire during an argument with Morag last night. (Image credit: E4)

Married At First Sight UK watchers saw a heated clash between Morag and Josh in last night’s episode (Monday 20 September) in yet another fiery dinner party filled with intense arguments.

The fight that caught the viewers' attention was an argument between Morag and Josh, which began when Morag brought up the girls' day where she told Josh’s wife, Amy, and the other brides that Josh had messaged her in the past.

In last night’s episode, viewers were also left baffled as to why Morag brought up this issue again, as Morag said to Amy in front of Josh, "I hope that little thing that came out on girls' day didn't cause any problems."

Josh questioned her, “No, about that. Honestly, what is that about?”

“It’s not a problem. That’s that. Draw a line under it, move on,” Morag responded.

Josh and Morag fight on Married at First Sight UK

Amy wasn't impressed with the argument brewing between Morag and Josh.  (Image credit: E4)

As the conversation went on, Josh insisted “I honestly don’t remember,” to which Morag swiftly replied, “I thought you’d say that.”

Josh went on to speak about his relationship with Amy saying, “I just feel like, my side, it feels like, I don’t know, as soon as we get to the right side, people just try to rock the boat again.”

“It was years ago, hon, it doesn’t matter!” Morag declared and Amy began to look unimpressed. 

However, things soon spiralled out of control, as Josh began to question why she even brought it up in the first place. He then went on to say that he didn’t remember messaging Morag and that what she was saying wasn’t true, which annoyed Morag.

A stunned Morag responded: "Are you serious? You don't remember me at all... someone called Morag, you DMed, liked a load of photos?"

Josh stood his ground, saying, “Swear on my life, I don’t!” 

Things got more heated when Morag called Josh a liar, which he responded with, “I’ve got nothing to lie about. When I was single, I spoke to tonnes of ladies.”

“Of course you did, that’s still who you are,” Morag said, which riled Josh. He further questioned Morag about when he had apparently messaged her.

“It was a few years ago,” Morag replied.

“A few years ago! Why are you bringing it up?” an aggravated Josh demanded, to which Morag exclaimed with, “I didn’t!”

Josh and Morag fight on Married at First Sight UK

Morag didn't believe Josh when he claimed he didn't remember her.  (Image credit: E4)

Morag infuriated Josh when she accused him of still being “a lad,” and the situation took a huge turn when Amy screamed at Morag for making it a big deal, resulting in Alexis taking Amy out of the room and soon after, Josh left the ordeal. 

Shocked fans took to Twitter about the explosive bust-up, with some saying that Morag and Josh should check their social media as proof. 

Even the official E4 Twitter account got involved by tweeting: “Does anyone else really want to see these messages? Girl needs to send some receipts #MAFSUK.”

In tonight’s episode, feelings deepen at the final Commitment Ceremony, but which couples might decide to leave their marriages?

Married at First Sight UK continues on E4 tonight at 9pm — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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