‘Married At First Sight UK’ fans shocked as Tayah drops baby bombshell

Married at First Sight UK Tayah and Adam
Tayah dropped a baby secret on last night's Married at First Sight UK. (Image credit: E4)

Married At First Sight UK fans couldn’t believe what they were hearing on last night’s episode (Tuesday 14 September) as Tayah told the other contestants, Morag and Luke, that she will be pregnant with Adam’s child “this time next year.”

Morag and Luke were gobsmacked by the news, and even her husband Adam was taken aback as he laughed nervously, saying “Don’t drop that bombshell!”

“She’s not pregnant by the way,” Adam clarified quickly. “I’m not. Yeah, I’m not pregnant, but this time next year, I will be,” Tayah said.

“She’s having visions of it, so... we’ve not properly agreed that that’s gonna happen, by the way,” Adam explained. 

Viewers and the experts picked up on Adam’s attitude towards her shock announcement, suggesting that it may not have been a couple’s decision. Tayah seemed rather annoyed with Adam’s words and as she went on to talk about what her child would be like, Adam looked uncomfortable and awkward as he took a large gulp from his drink.

Married at First Sight UK Tayah and Adam

Adam looked awkward as he drank his drink.  (Image credit: E4)

When the show first began, 25-year-old Tayah revealed that it was always her dream to be a young mum and was heartbroken when she had a miscarriage. So, to have children has always been an important aspect for her to have in a relationship.

Later, as more of the couples arrived, Adam was anxious when Tayah discreetly expressed her annoyance towards him, telling him that they will have to talk later. 

So far, Adam and Tayah have been on cloud nine since their marriage, with them dropping the L-bomb on their honeymoon after a week of knowing each other, and having no bickering or arguments.

Married at First Sight UK Tayah and Adam

Despite Tayah insisting she would love a family with Adam, he looked a little bemused by the whole conversation.  (Image credit: E4)

Luckily, later on at the dinner party, Adam managed to fix the situation and redeem himself when they were playing an honesty game, which required the couples to be completely truthful with each other and face up to any issues they may have with their relationship.

When it was their turn, Adam read out the card, “What does the future hold for you as a couple?” 

As Tayah and the table were waiting in anticipation for his answer, he said, “Honestly, for me, we...we’ve spoke about it a lot, er, privately, but we’re both keen on having a life together and having kids together.”

Tayah smiled and the table cheered and Adam lovingly put Tayah’s lipstick on for her.

Fans at home disclosed their thoughts on the astonishing situation and were impressed with Adam’s efforts in mending Tayah’s annoyance…

In tonight’s episode, a second Commitment Ceremony commences once more, and the experts shine a spotlight on the hard truths facing the couples so that they can move forward with their relationships. 

Married At First Sight UK continues on E4 tonight at 9pm- see our TV Guide for full listings.

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