Martin Kemp: 'The bride was nearly in tears!'

Ex-EastEnders star Martin Kemp (opens in new tab) teams up with former Celebrity Big Brother housemate MC Harvey as they are given just three weeks and £12,000 to plan a couple's entire wedding... What can you tell us about the show? "Harvey was fantastic to work with. We spent three weeks together in the Celebrity Big Brother house, so we got to know each other pretty well. But we only had three weeks and £12,000 to plan a whole wedding. For me it was the maddest thing in the world because I am rubbish at organising anything - my wife does it all! When they asked me to do this I thought: 'Oh no, it's going to be chaos. I'll just leave it all to Harvey', but there was so much of it that you had to get stuck in." Did you have good fun? "It was a lot of fun, because the couple that we did it for were so much fun, but we got to wind them up a few times. When we took the bride to see the wedding dress we got the worst wedding dress that you can imagine and convinced her that she was going to be wearing it. She was in tears and I felt awful! But then we pulled out the most beautiful dress you've ever seen." Were the couple pleased when they realised that you and Harvey were planning your wedding? "They were really pleased. But it was quite funny because the two guys – the groom and his dad – were control freaks, they wanted to control everything from the beginning, so it was fun getting them to think outside of the box. They kept saying they wanted something different, but every time we showed them something different, they just wanted the same as everyone else, something traditional. We gave them something special though." Were there moments when you thought it wasn't going to happen? "Of course! An hour and a half before the wedding, the groom's suit hadn't turned up. The guy was standing there in his boxers, asking where his suit was and we found out that it was delivered to his house the day before, but no one was in so the Post Office took it away and said we couldn't have it for 48 hours. Me and Harvey had a laugh, but at times you're very worried that you've let people down on their big day." Did the DJ put on any Spandau Ballet at the wedding reception? "I think 'True' got an airing!" So you and Harvey weren't tempted to perform? "Harvey put in a performance, you'll have to check out the show." What was the theme of the wedding? "It was an 'Outdoor Ibiza' wedding – but we were in Hull. It was dark and raining, so we thought, how are we going to achieve this?! It was a lot of fun though." So would you want Harvey planning your wedding? "He was quite good to be honest. He's got so much energy, while I'm much more laid back and I think that's why we worked so well together." Celebrity Wedding Planner: Celebrity Big Brother Special is on Friday, January 11 at 10pm on Channel 5.

Patrick McLennan

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