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Matthew Wolfenden: I want David and Tracy to get back together!

Emmerdale spoilers! David and Tracy Metcalfe get it on - but are the estranged couple back together for keeps?

But Amy Walsh is hoping Tracy and David Metcalfe stay apart

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has revealed his hope that his character David Metcalfe will reunite with his estranged wife Tracy.

The couple split up in the soap when Tracy (played by Amy Walsh) found out David was cheating on her with his ex-fiancee Leyla Harding.

But Matthew is hoping the troubled pair can get back together so he can enjoy scenes with Amy Walsh again.

“It’s sad for me not working with Amy any more, because we’ve had the best couple of years.

“We laugh ever second we’re on set and I really miss that. I’m hoping there will be a path that leads to them getting back together.”

But, Amy recently revealed she’s hoping the couple aren’t reunited because she’s having a ball playing Tracy struggling with life.

“I enjoy playing the broken side of Tracy, so part of me wants her to go into self-destruct again.

“I enjoy being moved by someone’s performance on TV, so I love trying to do that for viewers. It’s really great getting a tweet saying, ‘You made me cry!’”

It will certainly be interesting to see what’s next for David and Tracy…

Emmerdale continues on ITV – please note the schedules may change due to the World Cup!