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Neighbours star Madeleine West teases 'best storyline there has ever been' coming up on soap

Dee Bliss

We can't wait for this!

The past few weeks on Neighbours have certainly been dramatic for the residents of Ramsay Street, with Finn Kelly's trial, Elly Conway's baby/marriage drama, and the awkward return of Kyle Canning.

But of course, no storyline has been more heartbreaking than the death of Sonya Rebecchi (played by Eve Morey), who passed away a few weeks ago from ovarian cancer.

After her death, her devastated husband Toadie took a break from the street, joining their son Callum in America for a few weeks.

Neighbours, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

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But the much loved star is soon set to return to the soap - and it looks like the drama will be ready and waiting for him once again when he's back.

Of course, before her untimely death, Sonya and Toadie were constantly haunted by the presence of Andrea Somers, who a few years back posed as his dead wife, Dee Bliss - but instead turned out to be a fake.

And now, it's been revealed that after a few random reappearances in the show, she will be returning once again, for what looks  set to be an incredible storyline.

Recently, Alan Fletcher, who plays Karl Kennedy, told (opens in new tab), ‘I do know that Andrea definitely reappears. We filmed some stuff recently – she comes back in a stunning way.’

Neighbours, Andrea Somers

Ooh - intriguing!

Madeleine West, who plays Andrea/Dee, also teased the circumstances surrounding her characters return, and set an exciting tone by claiming that the storyline it follows is going to 'the best' in the history of the soap.

She revealed, again to, ‘There’s a huge end game. I cannot say what it is, and I certainly can’t tell you anything. I’d be drawn and quartered if I did.

'It is something that you will not expect. And you’re going to have to just keep watching. I don’t think I’m taking it too far to say this is going to be the best storyline there has ever been in the history of Neighbours.'

We can't wait to watch!

Picture credits: Channel 5

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