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Neighbours fans left shocked and 'uncomfortable' by racy scene!


Crikey! This is isn't what you expect in Neighbours!

Neighbours fans were taken aback by a rather risqué scene recently!

On Monday night, viewers of the C5 show saw more than they bargained for, when a surprising sex scene was included in the late-night episode, which was shown at a 10pm time slot.

The unexpected scene left lots of viewers feeling rather uncomfortable, with many taking to social media to express how awkward they felt.

In the episode, bad boy Finn Kelly was seen getting intimate with girlfriend Bea Nilsson, while imagining it was actually her sister Elly Conway he was having sex with.

The pair began kissing in luxury tent where Finn was enjoying a nap, and things quickly took a steamier turn.

'(very mild) SEX SCENES IN NEIGHBOURS I AM UNCOMFORTABLE,' one fan hilariously wrote on social media.

'I think that’s the steamiest I've ever seen Neighbours get! Sex scenes?!!, added another baffled viewer, while a third chipped in, 'A sex scene IN NEIGHBOURS.'

Meanwhile, another was simply surprised by the pair's chosen location for the intimacy.

'DUDE are they having sex in a TENT a couple of FEET away from the birthday dinner!? They must be quiet #Neighbours,' a cheeky poster wrote. 

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly

Finn flipped and left his girlfriend Bea trapped in an underground mine last week on Neighbours... (Image credit: Channel 5)

But things took a nasty turn between Finn and Bea later on, when the evil character tricked his girlfriend into being lured to his DIY prison.

Finn had fashioned a trap - a hole in the ground with a lockable lid.

Finn convinced oblivious Bea to stand beside the trap and pose for a photoshoot, before creeping up to her as if to kiss her.

He then whispered, "Bye Bea," before throwing her down into the pit and left her screaming for help, telling him she had broken her leg.

Naturally, viewers were left horrified by the scene.

'“Goodbye Bea.” BRUTAL #Neighbours,' one Tweeted. 

'BEA! NO! #Neighbours,' added another.