Netflix drops the first full trailer for Away

Hiary Swank, Josh Charles and Talitha Bateman in "Away" on Netflix.
Hiary Swank, Josh Charles and Talitha Bateman in "Away" on Netflix. (Image credit: Netlfix)

Netflix today dropped the first full trailer for its upcoming series Away.

The trailer shows Swank's character — Emma Green, who's in charge of the multinational mission to the Red Planet — giving her daughter, Alexis Logan (Talitha Bateman) a bracelet with the Earth, the Moon and Mars as charms as her husband, Matt, played by Josh Charles, plays Clair de lune (that's French for "moonlight") on piano.

The series is as much about the loved ones left at home as it is those hurtling through space. We get our first look at the health problems Matt is facing while Emma is gone, and quick cuts of the other team members talking to their loved ones back home.

Swank drops the line that you know doesn't bode well for anyone — "I'll be right back." And we see fire floating in micro-gravity.

Away also stars Mark Ivanir as Misha Popov of Russia, Vivian Wu as Yu Wang of China, Ray Panthaki as Ram Arya of India, and Ato Essandoh as Kwesi of the UK.

Away premieres on Sept. 4.

Phil Nickinson

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