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Netflix is raising its rates in one North American market

Netflix Alphaville office
(Image credit: Netflix)

It's not unheard of for Netflix to occasionally increase subscription rates. And it's not uncommon for it to do so in one market while leaving others untouched. But you'd be right to keep a close eye on things now that prices are going up just a smidge in Canada.

Per The Canadian Press (opens in new tab), the cost of a standard monthly Netflix plan is going up a single Canadian dollar to $14.99 a month. A premium plan, which is what you'll need if you want to watch content in 4K with HDR, will increase $2 a month to $18.99. The most basic plan will remain untouched at $9.99 a month. The new plans will take effect immediately for new members.

The reason, according to the Canadiana publication, is so Netflix "can invest more in films and shows as well as the quality of members' product experience." It says Netflix last raised rates in Canada in November 2018.

In the United States, Netflix last increased its monthly rates in January 2019. That doesn't necessarily mean we're due for another increase imminently, but anything is possible. 

Stay tuned.

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