Major series about UK's poorest heads BBC2's spring/summer schedule

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BBC2 has announced that key programming coming soon will include Breadline, about Britain's poorest, and Jo Cox: Death of an MP...

BBC2 has announced a spring/summer line-up tackling some of the biggest issues facing Britain with a mix of documentaries, current affairs and arts and music. At the heart of it is a new four-part documentary, Breadline, exploring how UK's poorest survive.

Speaking about the schedule Patrick said: “I believe BBC2 has a unique role in the broadcasting landscape: to bring the increasingly complex and changing world to the audience through expert perspective, human engagement and great storytelling, and the new programmes I’m announcing today signal my vision for the channel.”

Patrick was appointed BBC2’s editor last year. He was formerly head of documentaries commissioning at the BBC. As editor of BBC2 it's his duty to manage and run the channel, provide creative leadership, commission and schedule programmes and enhance the channel’s identity.

Speaking about his role, Patrick said: “I took the reins at BBC2 last September and it is a terrific privilege to be controller of the third biggest channel in the UK, a channel with a greater number of original titles than any other terrestrial broadcaster, that is a powerhouse of new ideas, new formats and talents, and which has such a vital role to play in the cultural and intellectual and life of the UK.”

Shows coming soon to watch out for:

1. Jo Cox: Death of an MP

The murder of Jo Cox, an MP for Batley and Spen, on 16 June 2016 sent the nation into a state of shock. This programme tells the story of her death and the events surrounding it. It explores what led a man, with no history of violence, to brutally murder the female MP in an act of terrorism.

2. Breadline

Despite Britain’s status as the world’s fifth richest nation, thousands of families are struggling. Every day one in five children arrive at school hungry. Breadline is a new four-part series that tracks the lives of people over the course of a year. It looks at the tough decisions they're forced to make, including whether to be cold or hungry and if they should sleep at work or pay for travel.

3. Brexit Means Brexit

This programme tracks the months since 23 June 2016. Double Bafta-winner Patrick Forbes gains access to the leading protagonists in Westminster and beyond to discuss how they're dealing with one of the most significant political decisions ever made by the UK.

4. Sgt. Pepper’s Musical Revolution

The BBC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles on 1 June 1967 with a series of television and radio programmes. This film will be screened in early June and will present Sgt.. Pepper in a totally new way. It will include never-before-seen footage and passages of alternative takes on theBattle world-famous songs.

Other shows include: 20 days –  For Supremacy, John le Carré, Science – Operation and Queen Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents.