New Netflix number one show dethrones Resident Evil — and it couldn't be more different

Jade (Ella Balinska) fends off a zombie horde in Netflix's Resident Evil.
(Image credit: Netflix)

A new Netflix show has stolen the top spot from Resident Evil, and it really couldn't be more different from the video game adaptation if it tried!

Resident Evil is based on the hugely popular video game franchise of the same name. Despite negative reviews and harsh fans' feedback, the show climbed to number one on Netflix's streaming chart.

The Netflix take on Resident Evil revolved around Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) as she dove into her family's ties to the Umbrella Corporation, a sinister organization that unleashed bloodthirsty zombies and terrifying creatures on the world.

As of today, a very different show tops the streaming service's charts, Netflix's new frontrunner is Virgin River season 4. The show only hit Netflix on July 20, but it's shot past both Stranger Things season 4 and Resident Evil to claim the top spot on the streaming service in both the UK and the US.

For the uninitiated, Virgin River is a sedate romantic drama set in California based on the books by Robyn Carr. It follows Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse who moves from Los Angeles to the idyllic town of Virgin River to make a fresh start and find a new place to settle down.

Jack (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) share a huge in Virgin River season 4.

Mel and Jack's love story is one of the central plotlines of Virgin River. (Image credit: Netflix)

The latest series picks up right where we left off in season 3. Mel's pregnant, but it's unclear whether the baby's father is Jack or her later partner, Mark; either way, she's looking forward to motherhood, but the question of the baby's paternity is starting to get to Jack. Plus, fans were eager for Hope to return to the show properly after her car crash and they were thrilled to discover the true culprit behind Jack's shooting in season 2.

Whilst the fourth season hasn't received many reviews, audiences are clearly loving having the show back on their screens. 

One fan wrote: "season 4 is SO BEAUTIFUL it hurts! All the MEL&JACK that my heart needed. I'm gonna be rewatching. A lot. Thank you so much for this."

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Another wrote: "I have so many series to catch up on but I just want to watch season 4 of virgin river over and over again"

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Netflix will no doubt be delighted to see Virgin River sitting at the top of their streaming charts, as production on Virgin River season 5 is set to get underway very soon!

Virgin River and Resident Evil are both available to stream on Netflix right now. 

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