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New romantic drama 'The Last Paradiso' gets its first trailer

If Bridgerton hasn't been enough to satisfy your appetite to racy romantic dramas, then The Last Paradiso just might.

Netflix describes the film as ‘the story of an impossible love, a dream of an indomitable man who has a sense of rebellion and justice coursing through his veins’, and the trailer shows exactly that.

Based on real events, The Last Paradiso is set in 1950s Italy and follows Riccardo Scamarcio (best known for John Wick 2) as Ciccio Paradiso. Ciccio is a young, attractive, free spirit in a sleepy Italian village. He's a hard-working laborer, but one who dreams of a better life. His decision to start chasing those dreams stirs up trouble amongst the local people.

Ciccio has a real problem with the town mayor, who he says ‘doesn’t do shit and earns three times more’ than anyone else in the town. Not only that, he has a beautiful daughter with whom Ciccio starts a passionate love affair. We see Ciccio embrace Bianca Schettino (played by Gaia Bermani Amaral) hidden away in some barn somewhere, where she worries what her father will think.

When Ciccio directly challenges the mayor’s economic control, promising to pay more fairly for olives than the mayor does, he makes a powerful enemy. The rest of the trailer promises tense confrontations, dirty tactics, and liberation. Scenes of celebration intercut with arrests, violence and evermore secretive meetings between the two fraught lovers follow. However desperate Ciccio is for the better life he wants so much, he definitely has a fight on his hands.

The mayor clearly holds power over his employees via whatever means necessary, as Ciccio is advised he’ll have to behave like the ‘crooks’ that he wants to challenge in order to take them on effectively. We can sure that, whatever happens, Ciccio has a difficult fight on his hands.

The Last Paradiso releases on Feb. 5, exclusively on Netflix.