Olly Murs claims he was oblivious to X Factor snub until Rita Ora apologised

Olly Murs revealed Rita Ora contacted him to apologise after she she appeared to snub him on stage at The X Factor final, but he claimed he’d been oblivious to the controversy.

Viewers at home caught the brush-off loud and clear when Rita told winner Louisa Johnson that the only contestants who had made such a big impact on the public were her and Leona Lewis, while former contestant Olly stood blankly alongside.

Did you see the moment where Rita Ora snubbed Olly Murs on The #XFactorFinal? #awks https://t.co/NoEhqCoAPL pic.twitter.com/V1l3RPCCkd

— Free Radio (@wearefreeradio) December 15, 2015


Olly appeared to look crestfallen as Rita said, “I’m so proud of her. I’ve watched this show and I’ve been such a fan of this show. But there’s only two people in my opinion that have made this impression – and that’s Leona and Louisa.”

But he told The Mirror that, despite going viral on social media, the blunder had passed him by.

He said: “Bless Rita, she text me saying: ‘I’m really sorry if I’ve offended you.’ I knew nothing about it. I was like: ‘What? What are you talking about?’

Rita Ora saying no X Factor contestant has mattered other than Leona while Olly Murs is stood 3 foot away from her. Amazing #XFactorFinal

— Michael. (@miguelhunter) December 12, 2015


Wow Rita Ora just killed Olly Murs on XFactor. Poor guy, his face lol. Big fan of Murs #XFactor @ollyofficial

— Steven Beckett (@BecksSC5) December 12, 2015


Rita Ora to Olly Murs: "there are only two people who've ever really had the #XFactor – Leona and Louisa" Olly Murs: *tumbleweed*

— Cari Rosen (@cazroz) December 12, 2015


“She told me about it, and I said: ‘Rita, are you serious? As if I’d get offended. I know exactly what you were trying to say. You don’t need to justify it.’ She was so apologetic, but I was like: ‘Rita, I’m not even annoyed’.

“We all knew what Rita was saying. We were drinking in the corridors, having a laugh together on Sunday. Then the next day, she was texting me saying: ‘Are you OK?’”

Olly revealed he had now seen the clip and found it 'so funny'.

This was Olly’s first year hosting the show, but his presenting stint was marred by an awkward moment where he accidentally told contestant Monica Michael she was going home before the results of the deadlock were announced.


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