Ranvir Singh: 'My Real Stories are very emotional'

If programmes like Long Lost Family leave you a blubbering wreck, Ranvir Singh has a warning for you…

The Daybreak and Good Morning Britain news presenter says her new series, Real Stories With Ranvir Singh, will be just as emotional.

The six-part series sees Ranvir and Michael Underwood interviewing real-life heroes such as a father-of-two who was saved from being crushed to death under a bus by a crowd of onlookers, an autistic teenager who has a special bond with horses and two teachers who travel around Britain after quitting their jobs.

And she admits how she got very moved herself while filming the series.

“Some stories will make you hold your family closer, others will make you angry. It will be emotional, I’m warning you!" she said.

Ranvir found herself particularly affected when she met a 45-year-old mother who is awaiting a pioneering medical procedure – the UK’s first double hand transplant.

Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh (Ian West/PA)

“The very first interview I did for this new series (had the most impact),” she said.

“It is with a woman whose life is very hard to imagine living yourself. She is about to become a UK first in an extraordinary medical advance, and her reasons for wanting to go through with it, however painful, will resonate with every single parent watching. It will make your jaw drop.”

Ranvir Singh and Michael Underwood

Ranvir Singh and Michael Underwood (Jonathan Ford/ITV)

“We get to the truth of why people make the decisions they do, for better or for worse, and you’ll certainly be left asking yourself, ‘What would I do if…?’ There really is nothing more powerful than seeing someone else’s unusual, heartbreaking or uplifting life put under the microscope.”

She added: “What has always really sparked my interest is getting under the skin of normal people to find out what makes them extraordinary, much more so than interviewing the stars. I get to do exactly that in this programme.

“I meet some incredible people whose life circumstances have meant they have had to draw on some of their deep rooted strengths.”

Real Stories With Ranvir Singh begins on 23 July at 7.30pm on ITV.

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