Richard Osman shares very rude Cressida Dick 'Pointless' gaff

Richard Osman on Pointless
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Pointless star Richard Osman has shared a hilarious clip on Twitter, where he claimed the moment is the "closest the show has ever come to being taken off air".

The clip was shared following Cressida Dick's decision to step down as Metropolitan Police chief and features a very unfortunate mispronunciation of her name by one contestant.

The original poster of the clip described the moment as "TV Gold", and it has since received a lot of attention from amused Twitter users!

One of the questions to crack was "Senior police officer appointed the first female commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (CD)," to which contestant Billy said: "The top one is Caress-a Dick…I think I’ll go for Caress-a Dick".

Following this blunder, Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong asked: "Okay, do you want to say that one more time?"

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Billy, not sure where he'd gone wrong, repeated the same answer and Alexander had to accept the answer, but obviously, it was wrong due to the mispronunciation! 

Attempting to hide his laughter, Richard Osman then said: "So sorry Billy. I have good news — you’ve just made £250 from It’ll Be Alright On The Night!"

Funnily enough, following Richard's quip, he added a follow-up tweet to tell people that Billy actually did end up on the ITV bloopers programme for his awkward moment. 

Confirming this, Richard wrote: "The lovely thing about this clip is that Billy really did make money from It'll Be Alright On The Night for it. #CaressaDick #HappyEnding"

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Fans on Twitter are all loving the clip, with one replying to say: "What's worse is I now can't say her name properly anymore from watching that."

And another added: "I love it when you two go, it’s so funny but it’s without making the contestant feel like a bit of an idiot which is what is so charming about you both."

While a third wrote: "I laughed so much at this at the time that I had to take my inhaler! Billy remains a legend in our house!"

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