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Rupert Everett investigates prostitution in new Channel 4 series

(Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)

Actor Rupert Everett is to investigate the world's oldest profession in Love for Sale, a new documentary series to be shown on Channel 4.

“Prostitutes are the world's acknowledged experts on our most intimate desires,” says the 54-year-old, who recently wrote an article in the Observer in defence of sex workers in London's red-light district, where brothels are being closed down in the name of halting human trafficking.

“While even the police say that more than 90 per cent of prostitutes work of their own accord, trafficking has become one of the new ‘it’ words in the bankrupt moral vernacular, craftily used by puritans, property developers and rogue feminists to combat the sex trade in general,” wrote Everett, who will be looking behind the sex worker stereotype to hear from prostitutes and their clients.

Two-part series Love for Sale will screen on Channel 4 later this year.