Samsung debuts new Micro LED TVs ahead of CES 2021

Samsung's MICRO LED TV
The Samsung MICRO LED display. (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has unveiled a new range of Micro LED TVs as part of its First Look live stream ahead of CES 2021. This new line of cutting-edge tech promises both a top-of-the-line user experience and new utility both at launch and later down the line.

The South Korean tech company are no stranger to bringing giant, Micro LED TVs to CES. Last year, they debuted The Wall, the monstrous 292-inch display that towered over any other TV at the trade show. 

This new line aims to bring that luxury product into more homes, in more useful sizes. The 2021 Micro LED range is initially only available in 110-inch and 99-inch sizes, but smaller variants are supposedly in the pipeline for later in the year.

Each Micro LED TV is made from literally millions of LEDs, each thinner than a strand of hair. Every single one of them is self-lit in red, green and blue. This means there’s no loss of brightness or clarity to create ‘true-to-life picture quality’, according to Samsung.

They are also more durable, as each Micro LED is made from inorganic materials which are longer-lasting. This should prevent a loss of picture quality from burn-in and discoloration for a lot longer than other TVs. This premium picture quality promise is designed for immersion, which matches up with Samsung’s “Monolith Design” philosophy.

Essentially, this philosophy means each MICRO LED screen has a 99% screen-to-body ratio. You’ll see as little of the bezel as possible to ensure you are totally immersed in whatever you’re watching or playing. 

This immersion won't just come from the picture quality, though. Samsung revealed each MICRO LED unit delivers 5.1 channel sound without an external speaker whatsoever. The aim is to create what they call “Arena Sound”, replicating the dynamic audio you’d associate with the cinema.

Ambient Mode+ is another feature worth mentioning. This mode enables your screen to blend in with the room, or display ambient info like weather conditions. There’s also a mode which transforms the display into a moving, digital artwork.

You can watch the whole First Look conference below:

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