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Samsung's new QLED TVs will support a new adaptive HDR feature

Samsung The Frame TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung today announced that its upcoming line of QLED televisions will support HDR10+ Adaptive, which supports Filmmaker Mode and will adjust itself accordingly to brighter rooms.

Noting that most high dynamic range content is optimized for darker viewing environments, Samsung has put a lot of effort (and money) into televisions that live as works of art in your living room, namely in The Frame line of sets.

Here's how Samsung puts things:

While viewing HDR content is typically optimal in a darkened environment, customers’ viewing environments may vary greatly depending on a wide array of factors, including room lighting, time of day, and proximity to windows. The HDR10+ Adaptive feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimization, following guidelines from the HDR10+ LLC, and can now adjust to any room lighting condition, further enhancing the HDR experience. This feature utilizes the TV’s light sensor and ensures that the screen brings to life the creative intent without any loss of details or contrast.

HDR10+ content is available on Amazon Prime Video for titles that are presented in 4K UHD, Samsung noted in a press release.

“As consumers spend more time at home, Samsung has been looking for ways to enrich consumers’ entertainment experience in the comfort of their homes,” Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said in the press release. “We are delighted to offer smart picture quality solutions that will enhance consumers’ at-home HDR viewing experience, bringing original-quality cinematic experience to our consumers around the world.”

In addition to the adaptive nature of HDR10+ Adaptive, the standard also supports Filmmaker Mode, which will automatically adjust picture settings in an attempt to approximate what the filmmaker was going for on the big screen.

Expect more news on the upcoming line of Samsung TVs as we head into the virtual CES event. 

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