Sherrie Hewson: ‘The next series of Benidorm we’re about to film is the best ever!’ (VIDEO)

Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson is just about to head out to the Spanish resort to film series eight – and she says she’s just as excited this time...

What’s On TV had a chat with Sherrie Hewson about her hilarious role as Solana manageress Joyce Temple-Savage in ITV’s hit comedy “I’m always excited when I read the new scripts and every single time they get better and better," says Sherrie. "This latest one we’re filming, we’ve just had the read-through and all of us laughed the whole of the way through it! The next series of Benidorm we’re about to film is the best ever!

“It’s fantastic fun to film our show, but we work very long hours while we’re out in Benidorm. On the days we have off, though, we’ll all go out and karaoke, go round the town and drink a few mojitos!

“The buzz is enormous when the cast is in town. Holidaymakers come and join in with us! The place is full of people just like in the series. There are Kenneths, Joyce Temple-Savages, Mateos and Lesleys – and they all dress like us too. So if we’re out for a night, we’ll see ‘us’ coming at ‘us’ if you know what I mean.”

Anyone can now get to meet Sherrie out in Benidorm, too! Thanks to a new competition by Gala Bingo, 15 Lucky winners will win a holiday in the Spanish holiday resort which also includes an evening a restaurant with Sherrie and her Benidorm co-stars Jake Canuso (Mateo) and Tim Healy (Les/Lesley). So who does Sherrie think would be the best dinner date?

“Jake Canuso is the eye candy!” she laughs. ‘He’s the most charming man, and he also speak seven languages, so he’ll always be able to order for you. You can just stare at him if you want. Tim Healy is one of the funniest men. He has the best jokes and is just great to be with. And I’m hysterically funny! As a collective we’re quite the party animals, but Tim Healy takes some beating.”

Watch our interview with Sherrie, above, and enter the Gala Bingo Benidorm competition here

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