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Shock kiss on the cards TONIGHT for THIS unexpected EastEnders pair

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There's drama heading for EastEnders tonight when Max Branning and Mel Owen share a not-so-secret kiss...

Tonight's EastEnders will see a shock kiss between Max Branning and Mel Owen... but what they don't realise is that Max's wife Rainie has seen everything.

The attraction between Max and Mel has been evident for weeks. But while Max is enjoying their flirty banter, he has no idea that Mel is more interested in getting her hands on his brother's money.

Mel has been planning to fleece Jack Branning ever since he shopped her son Hunter to the police for killing his stepfather Ray Kelly, and this week she gets closer than ever to bleeding him dry.

EastEnders Mel Owen and Max Branning

Max and Mel have been flirting for weeks (Picture: BBC)

When Mel has a meeting with Jack tonight to talk about the fake investments she has been conjouring up, she gets the chance to go through her ex's bank statements when he is suddenly called to the school to collect a sick Amy.

But when Max comes home and almost catches her red handed, he invites her for a drink at The Vic and she is forced to agree to cover up her snooping.

As the pair head to the pub, they see Bobby Beale and Mel is reminded of the harsh realities her own son is facing.

EastEnders Ian Beale Bobby Beale and Ben Mitchell

Bobby doesn't get the warmest of welcomes when he goes to the pub tonight (Picture: BBC)

With Bobby fresh out of jail after serving time for killing his sister Lucy Beale, and attacking his stepmother Jane, Bobby is like a fish out of water as he arrives at the pub with his family.

But Mel can't help but feel sorry for the teenager, knowing that if Hunter was ever to be released, he would be in exactly the same position.

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With her head in a spin over Hunter, Mel is reluctant when Max leans in for a kiss after their trip to the pub, but it's not long before she gives in to his charms.

Mel and Max kiss in EastEnders

Mel and Max share a shock kiss tonight (Picture: BBC)

But what the pair don't realise is that Rainie has seen the whole thing from across the Square and she's seething with jealousy. Will she let on that she knows about their kiss?

Max is clearly smitten with Mel because by tomorrow's EastEnders he is struggling to get her off his mind.

However, when he asks Mel out on another date, he's upset when she lets him down gently... not realising that it's the day of Hunter's sentencing and Mel is terrified about what the future holds for her son.

Rainie Branning in EastEnders

Rainie is fuming when she sees Max and Mel kissing (Picture: BBC)

But does Mel really like Max and this could become a new romance for the pair?

Or is Max just becoming another pawn in Mel's plans to get her hands on Jack's money?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.