Silent Witness fans sob as they praise David Caves’ ‘phenomenal’ performance during crushing scenes

Silent Witness Jack Hodgson
Silent Witness fans commended David Caves' emotional performance as Jack Hodgson. (Image credit: BBC)

*WARNING — spoilers for Silent Witness season 25, episode four below*

Silent Witness viewers were in tears and applauded David Caves’ ‘brilliant’ performance in emotional scenes during last night’s episode (Tuesday, May 31).

Jack Hodgson, who is played by David Caves, was forced to face tragedy in Silent Witness season 25 last night as his dad, Conor (Richard Durden) sadly passed away, which left him crushed.

As Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Simone Tyler (Genesis Lynea) investigated a burned body, Jack was forced to travel to Belfast after hearing that Conor had collapsed.

When he arrived, he met Margaret (Frances Tomelty), an old friend of Conor’s who told him that Conor’s heart condition was getting worse.

Jack was unaware of Conor’s heart condition as stubborn Conor never told him, which left him stunned by the revelation.

As Jack sat at Conor’s bedside, Conor decided to reveal some huge secrets about the Hodgson family’s past, including Jack’s mum, Eleanor.

Jack Hodgson sits at Conor's bedside

Jack was devastated to learn about his dad's heart condition. (Image credit: BBC)

Conor dropped the bombshell that Eleanor may not be dead like he thought and was in Belfast to try and find her before his heart condition got worse.

He begged Jack to track her down and while discovering the dangerous truth about his mum’s job, he managed to find her with the help of Margaret and his niece, Cara Connelly (Rhiannon Jones).

Jack found Eleanor living in a care home after a breakdown and was wracked with nerves to meet her for the first time in years.

When he realised she didn’t recognise him, Jack found it hard to keep it together and was desperate for answers to why she left them and chose a dangerous job over her children.

Eleanor was furious with him and was adamant that she had no family, before shouting at him to “go away.”

Jack Hodgson visits his mum, Eleanor

Jack went to visit his mum, but it wasn't a positive outcome. (Image credit: BBC)

A shattered Jack returned to Conor’s bedside and put on a brave face, telling him that the visit with Eleanor was good. 

As Nikki showed up to support Jack, he wept as Conor passed away surrounded by his loved ones.

Margaret, Cara, Jack and Nikki surround Conor's bedside

Conor sadly passed away surrounded by his loved ones. (Image credit: BBC)

After the ordeal, Jack and Nikki shared a heartfelt moment, meanwhile emotional fans took to social media to commend David’s heart wrenching performance…

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Silent Witness continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday, June 6. Episodes are also available on demand via BBC iPlayer.

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