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Six HUGE future Coronation Street stories REVEALED!

Coronation Street
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There are some hot plots on the way as we head further into Summer…

It’s been quite a year in Coronation Street, with stories like Geoff’s abuse of Yasmeen and Gary Windass’ killer secret keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

But the best is still to come, and bosses over in Weatherfield way have given us some exclusive teasers.

Feast your eyes on this lot…

1. Sarah protects Gary… but where does that leave her and Adam?

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Sarah Platt given up on Gary

Could Sarah and Gary's secrets bring them back together?

After twelve months of ducking and diving, it looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for Gary Windass.

Adam Barlow correctly suspects that the furniture seller put loan shark Rick Neelan into an early grave, and then Gary's former girlfriend Sarah comes to the same shock conclusion.

But don’t expect Gary to check into HMP Weatherfield any time soon.

He has as much dirt on Sarah as she has on him. When the pair were together, she confided in him about what really happened to Callum Logan – her drug-dealing ex who was seen off by Kylie, but whose death she, Kylie and David pinned on the late Tony Stewart.

“Will Gary use Callum’s death against Sarah?” muses show boss Iain MacLeod. “Yes, in a way. Gary isn’t the only one to have disposed of a body…”

Knowing that exposing Gary could lead to her own downfall, Sarah is keen to let sleeping dogs lie. But hubby Adam soon twigs that his wife is protecting Gary’s back. He wants his nemesis to pay for his crimes, and the fact that Sarah seems to be on Team Windass rather than Team Barlow leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

Could their marriage hit the rocks? And if so, will Gary – who has never stopped loving Sarah, and ultimately killed Rick to protect her – make his move? Emotions are running high as he prepares for his wedding to Maria next month.

Adds MacLeod: “To what extent are things ever over when you have loved someone that much? Sarah and Gary’s complicated feelings will cause them headaches and leave them with big decisions...’

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2. Yasmeen’s ready to expose Geoff... but will he see off her key ally?

Newcomer Elaine was abused by Geoff, too, and poses a huge threat to the twisted magician

Newcomer Elaine was abused by Geoff, too, and poses a huge threat to the twisted magician

When Yasmeen (Shelley King) was locked up after being charged with Geoff’s (Ian Bartholomew) attempted murder, it felt like the end of the world for the traumatised pensioner.

But prison has, in many respects, been a place of solace. Yas has had contact with the loved ones Geoff isolated her from, and the physical and psychological distance from her twisted partner has given her the space to reflect on their relationship with fresh eyes.

As Yasmeen finds her strength, her once cocksure husband continues to crumble. He knows that his wife may expose his bullying behaviour in her forthcoming trial. He’s also extremely rattled by the arrival of Elaine, the woman he also abused, who decides to support Yasmeen by speaking up about him in court.

Says Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod: “There's a large chapter to come regarding Geoff's turmoil at being unable to control Yasmeen. He doesn’t find it easy having her out of his sphere of influence as the legal proceedings go on.”

Desperate to claw back control, Geoff turns to his number one supporter, son Tim, and argues that Elaine is spouting lies. Meanwhile, he’s painfully aware that Elaine’s presence poses a huge threat, and he wants her gone. But how far will he go to keep her quiet?

3. Sally’s relationship with Tim hits crisis point

Sally and Tim

The couple have very different opinions about what went on at number 6...

As we head further into Summer, Sally and Tim’s damaged relationship shows no signs of healing.

Number 4 remains a place of deep division, with Sally convinced that father in law Geoff abused Yasmeen, and Tim refusing to believe that the caring parent who gave him piggy backs on the beach is capable of such heinous behaviour.

Elaine’s arrival is a catalyst for Sally to make another attempt to open up Tim’s eyes, as she begs him to consider that his father isn’t the man he thinks he is. But it’s too much for Tim to take.

The pair’s problems go from bad to worse when Sally decides to use the money Geoff gifted her and Tim for their wedding to help Alya out of a tight spot. The decision is a no-brainer for Sal, who knows that the cash was Yasmeen’s, and therefore never Geoff’s to give. But for Tim, it feels like a betrayal – she’s putting the family who are ‘demonising’ his dad before their special day.

Something has to give. This is a conflict without compromise and there’s only so long the couple can carry on being on different sides of the fence.

“I don’t think Sally would respect Tim if he didn’t come round to accepting what happened,” actress Sally Dynevor tells us. “She couldn’t look at him the same again.”

Are the pair destined to go their separate ways?

4. Leanne and Steve continue to struggle with Oliver’s diagnosis

Steve Leanne Coronation Street

There are more difficult times ahead for the former couple; parents of terminally ill Oliver

As Toyah (Georgia Taylor) puts the wheels in motion for her and Imran to become foster parents, Leanne makes plans for her own future, which, sadly, couldn’t be more different to her sister’s. Toyah is about to welcome a child into her life, while Leanne is preparing to lose her own; son Oliver being terminally ill.

Starting to come to terms with the tragic diagnosis, Leanne makes practical arrangements, including looking at a school that is equipped for Oliver’s needs.

“She will do whatever she can for Oliver in the time that she has got left with him,” says Jane Danson, who plays the heartbroken mum. “But how strong is she?”

5. Gemma gets a blast from the past

Gemma Winter agrees to get help

The mum of four will be stunned to hear from 'mean girl' Vanessa

Gemma became something of a role model after telling the world, via her vlog, about her battle with post-natal depression. Women were inspired to get in touch, and open up about their own struggles.

As the mum of four continues to upload videos, giving her honest account of parenthood, another woman reaches out. Much to Gemma’s shock, it’s Vanessa; one of the women from the Baby Senses class, who was mean to her.

Gem wants to help, but her nearest and dearest are worried, fearing she’ll get hurt again and her new-found confidence will plummet. Will they be proved right?

6. Daniel becomes more dependent on escort Nicky

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Daniel Osbourne in too deep?

Daniel is paying escort Nicky hundreds of pounds to 'become' his late wife Sinead

Like Bethany Platt before her, Daniel is using escort Nicky to help fill the void in his life left by wife Sinead’s death. In the coming weeks, he’ll continue to visit the bubbly blonde; paying hundreds of pounds a pop to offload on her.

“When Daniel is on the street or with his family, he is acting as though he has found a way to move forward,” says actor Rob Mallard. “The reality is that behind closed doors, he hasn’t moved on at all.”

Though initially happy to accept Daniel’s cash, Nicky feels uncomfortable when she sees that the single dad is becoming emotionally attached to her. She knows that what he really needs is proper support that he can get for free.

Will she put a stop to their meetings? And if so, how will Daniel react?

And the best of the rest:

  • Johnny finally returns from France – will we get to the bottom of why he’s been avoiding B&B guest Scott?
  • Mary and Sean get more than they’ve bargained for when they open a letter addressed to Eileen
  • Abi does a u-turn and decides to say goodbye to her young twins before they move to Australia. But will the send-off set her back?

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch Coronation Street on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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