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Soap fans SICKENED by THIS gross moment in tonight's Coronation Street

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Someone pass us the sick bag...

Coronation Street fans were far from impressed with Aggie Bailey's culinary delights tonight.

Viewers watched Michael Bailey struggling with his broken heart after the mother of his child, Grace, turned down his advances on Wednesday night.

Aggie and Michael Bailey

Michael wasn't happy that his mum's meddling cost him a future with Grace (Picture: ITV)

The Underworld worker was hoping that he and Grace could rekindle their romance, despite mum Aggie being against the whole thing.

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However, it wasn't to be, and Grace turned him down.

Michael's left heartbroken 

But Michael took the knock back badly and blamed his mum for meddling in his relationship... and today saw the pair at war.

Aggie and Michael Coronation Street

Aggie tried to comfort her broken-hearted son (Picture: ITV)

But while Michael just needed time to get over his hurt, Aggie took it upon herself to help.

She turned up at the factory with lunch for her son, deciding that some good homemade food would make things better.

Aggie's sandwich shocker 

But what Michael wasnt prepared for was one of his mum's bizarre concoctions - this time getting a kiwi, houmus and salami sandwich.

Aggie and Michael Bailey

Aggie tried to make up for her actions by bringing Micheal the most disgusting sandwich (Picture: ITV)

Michael wasn't impressed with the disgusting sandwich filling, and neither were the viewers...

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But while Michael might have turned his nose up at Aggie's peace offering, Kirk was lurking in the background, looking for some lunch.

Aggie and Michael Coronation Street

Neither Michael or Coronation Street viewers were fans of Aggie's kiwi, humous and salami sandwich (Picture: ITV)

As Michael tried to get his mum to leave, Kirk swooped in and took the sandwich, telling Beth that he has missed Aggie's culinary delights since she left her job at Roy's Rolls.

With Aggie firmly in Michael's bad books, will she manage to make amends with her son?

Aggie and Michael Coronation Street

Bizarrely, Kirk thought Michael's lunch sounded delicious... (Picture: ITV)

Grace is adamant that her and Michael should just be friends because of Aggie's meddling... but could Aggie be the one to change her mind and let Grace, Tiana and Michael be a family?

Coronation Street will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV.