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Steve and Leanne faced with a tragic decision in next week's Coronation Street

Oliver's doctor tells Steve and Leanne next week that Oliver seems to have been left with brain damage as a result of his recent seizures

Doctors deliver shocking news about Oliver next week...

Next week's Coronation Street will see Steve McDonald and Leanne Battersby left with a heartbreaking choice to make over their son, Oliver.

Fans will know that Oliver has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease and this week he is set to be moved to intensive care as his condition gets worse.

Coronation Street spoilers: Oliver Battersby is move to intensive care

Steve and Leanne are told that Oliver is being moved to intensive care this Friday (Picture: ITV)

Leanne is adamant that they need to stay positive for Oliver and her hopes are raised next week when the doctors tell them they're going to try removing Oliver's breathing tube.

Leanne's hopes are crushed 

Steve and Tracy don't share Leanne's optimism, and sadly they are proved right when doctors say they have had to up Oliver's sedation because his seizures are out of control.

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Devastated that the only thing keeping Oliver alive is his life support machine, Leanne vows to fight for her boy and demands a second opinion.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby is left heartbroken…

Leanne is heartbroken when doctors reveal it might be time to think about turning off Oliver's life support (Picture: ITV)

Sadly, the second doctor confirms Oliver's not going to be able to breathe unaided again and that the time has come to talk about turning off Oliver's life support machine.

Leanne and Steve find their world collapsing around them as the news settles in... but soon Leanne's heartache turns to anger.

Nick's got a plan 

The pair are relieved when Nick announces that he has found a specialist in Germany who treats people with Oliver's condition.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby is left heartbroken…

Leanne wants a second opinion, but sadly she doesn't get the answers she's hoping for (Picture: ITV)

Given a new lifeline, Steve and Leanne FaceTime the consultant, but Steve is left worried when Leanne downplays Oliver's condition.

Thankfully for the family, the consultant agrees to treat Oliver.

But there is a catch... and it's a big one.

The treatment is going to cost £500,000. Where will they get that sort of money? And quick?

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