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Steve finds out he's going to be a father again – twice! – in Corrie

(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Life in Corrie is no picnic this summer as unexpected pregnancies, affairs and deaths wreak havoc on the lives of the locals

Life is about to get a lot more complicated for Corrie's Steve McDonald now that he's learnt that he is the father of Leanne’s baby after their one-night stand, while Michelle is also about to reveal that she's pregnant!

Will Steve man up and confess his misdemeanours to Michelle?

Elsewhere, Aidan and Eva’s relationship looks to be in tip-top condition from the outside. Eva is ready to take things to the next level, blissfully unaware that Aidan has slept with her close friend Maria.

When Maria and Caz’s friendship takes a turn for the worse it is Eva and Aidan who are there for her. Eva may not be quite so supportive if she knew the truth…

As David Platt struggles to cope with life without Kylie, he turns his mind to the prospect of revenge. He is determined to make Clayton pay for the murder of his wife. But how far will David go to get what he wants?

The thermometer in Coronation Street is about to explode...

kym marsh, michelle mcdonald

Michelle is about to discover she's already pregnant in Corrie!

Steve McDonald in Coronation Street

Steve and Michelle are having a baby!

Michelle McDonald, Kym Marsh, Coronation Street

Leanne's pregnancy prompts Michelle to want another baby, says Corrie’s Kym Marsh