Strictly's Georgia May Foote: 'I'm quite competitive, but I'll just try my hardest and see where it gets me'

(Image credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston/Matt Burlem)

Corrie ex Georgia May Foote is one of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing contestants… and she’s taking the competition ultra seriously. Georgia is one of the favourites to win this year’s contest, not that she sees it that way.

“I don’t know about that!” she said. “But I’m having the most amazing time on Strictly – even if my feet are killing me!”

Will your Corrie mates be coming to watch you?

“I hope so. But I’ve got, like, a million cousins who also want to come. Everyone does. I’ve had people I haven’t heard from in years ringing me up and saying, ‘It’s my mum’s birthday. Can you get us tickets?’”

Do you have any previous dance experience?

“I used to dance when I was younger, but it was hip-hop and street dance, which is massively different to ballroom. I used to freestyle, too, so the more precise and technical dancing is going to be quite difficult. There’s definitely room for improvement!”

What’s the dance you’re most worried about?

“I think the Tango, with all that leg flicking! I know I’ll end up kicking my partner [Giovanni Pernice] somewhere I shouldn’t, or I’ll trip myself up. I’m really looking forward to doing the Paso Doble because it’s very dramatic and I’ll be able to use my acting skills. The Charleston looks like fantastic fun, as well. I can’t wait!”

What will be your biggest challenge during Strictly?

“The live shows because I’ve never done anything like it before. Also remembering everything – not easy if you have one of those moments when your brain goes completely blank. I remember talking to my former Corrie castmate Natalie Gumede the year she was in Strictly and she said it was so tiring, and that you’ve got to keep yourself on the ball and get lots of sleep. So I’m trying to take her advice.”

Are you in it to win it?

“Um, well, I’m quite competitive. I’m a bit annoying when it comes to card games and stuff like that. In a competition like this, you kind of admire everyone else. You might watch someone do a dance and think that was stunning. I admire people for doing really well. I’d absolutely love to win, but I’m just going to have to try my hardest and see where it gets me.”

Are you practising with your boyfriend, Sean Ward (Corrie’s recently deceased Callum Logan)?

“[Laughs] He’s not the best, to be fair. He’s so tall it’s difficult to dance with him. He’s being really supportive, though.”

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