'Superman & Lois' 'on another level' as fans applaud superhero BBC One premiere

TV tonight Mr & Mrs Superman!
Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) (Image credit: BBC)

The verdict is in on Superman & Lois! At least, the early opinion after just one episode of the new BBC One Saturday night family show is... And it's ‘on another level’ according to some viewers.

One viewer tweeted: “Clark being fully capable as superman but still finding his feet as a father, is a really interesting story and take on the character!! And makes this show stand out amongst the crowd!!”

Another posted: I’ve never been a Superman fan (apart from Man of Steel) but I’m loving #SupermanAndLois so far. It’s definitely something I’m going to be keeping for a Saturday afternoon treat rather than binge-watching though.”

Superman & Lois follows the classic story of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) who are trying to live a "normal" life as working parents. This scenario is billed as one of their toughest challenges, as they're raising twin teenage boys — Jonathan (Jordan Elsass), the one who fits in and Jordan (Alexander Garfin), the loner who’s into heavy metal and gaming.

The spin in this series is that Clark becomes humanized by parenthood, death and dark secrets in the family — all the while he's battling to protect humanity, from the likes of The Stranger.

Many viewers were intrigued by the human perspective of the DC Comics superhero: “Clark Kent being fully capable as Superman, but still finding his feet as a father is an interesting story to explore.”

One superfan was thrilled by the return of his childhood idol, tweeting: “Superman has been with me all my life. Bought the comics from Odyssey 7 in Manchester as a kid. Watched the Reeve movies over and over. Enjoyed Lois & Clark. Obsessed over Smallville. So I'm very happy to see #SupermanAndLois being given to children in 2021 each Saturday teatime.”

When his sons found the spaceship in the barn and Clark was forced to reveal his true identity to them, a classic plot about bad parenting was introduced. Some were bemused, though, by the fact the boys were upset about his origins.

One commented: “#SupermanAndLois bit weird the kids are annoyed that their dad is a superhero!!”

Many were enthusiastic from the start of the pilot of the series made by US network, The CW: “I’m minutes in and this is already the best-filmed interpretation of Superman I have ever seen #SupermanAndLois

Another commented: “Honestly stayed away from #SupermanAndLois after being burnt out on the Arrowverse and Crisis on Infinite Earths, but the quality of the production, and more intimate story, is definitely on another level.”

Superman & Lois continues on BBC One each Saturday evening but if you can’t wait, the entire 15-part series is available on BBC iPlayer now. Superman and Lois season 2 is also on its way.

Patrick McLennan

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