Suzy reveals chilling Emmerdale connection – and viewers don’t like it

Martelle Edinborough plays Suzy in Emmerdale. (Image credit: ITV)

Regular viewers of Emmerdale can spot a villain faster than Chas can spot a new bloke in the Woolpack and Vanessa Woodfield’s new paramour Suzy has earned instant animosity.

As charmed as loveable vet Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) is by events organiser – and cocaine dealer – Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), fans of the ITV soap are turned off her, especially as Friday’s drama revealed her connection to the death of Holly Barton, who died in 2016 of a heroin overdose. 

Turned out that, in a previous life, Suzy inadvertently gave Holly Barton the money for the drugs that killed her. 

It’s fair to say Suzy is not the most popular new arrival the village has ever welcomed.

“Moira gonna give suzy a glasgow kiss when she finds out about [Holly],” posted one Emmerdale fan.

Another chimed in on Twitter: “When's Suzy going to be false & terribly irritating.”

“Wonder if Moira will do a rerun and dump Suzy on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere when she finds out about Her and Holly,” warned another viewer.

The incredible coincidence of how Suzy came to be sitting in the kitchen of Holly’s grieving mother Moira Dingle was not lost on Emmerdale viewers.

One wrote: “So after weeks of taking the long way round as usual, we get to the unlikely & very predictable plot twist of Suzy knowing Moira's kid.”

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As many pointed out, Suzy is in for a giant reckoning when Moira finds out her connection to her daughter (and of course, she will).

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Earlier, Suzy and Leyla Cavanagh, who run the events business together and also have an illegal drug dealing arrangement, made a pitch to Moira to transform her barn into a rustic wedding venue. Even better, they pitched, they could extend the offer to couples by also using the field next door.

Moira immediately rejected that idea. You see, she explained, her dead daughter (Holly) is buried there, and she pointed to a picture on the wall – which is when Suzy recognised with a shudder exactly who her daughter was.

There is an upside to the tawdry tale, however. Emmerdale fans are enjoying seeing friends Vanessa and Moira reuniting. 

A fan posted: “While it’s frustrating seeing Vanessa and Suzy act more like besties than huns, I am loving the return of Vanessa and Moira’s friendship. It has been so missed...”

Will that reunion survive the inevitable revelation of Suzy’s sordid past?

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