The ad-supported version of HBO Max will cost $9.99 a month, coming in June

HBO Max on Apple TV
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HBO Max today announced that its ad-supported version will cost $9.99 a month when it launches in June. 

“HBO Max with Ads will bring our beloved entertainment brands and franchises to even more consumers at this new, lower price point-while, for the first time, elegantly connecting brands to the premium, iconic IP that defines this service,” said Tony Goncalves, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer for WarnerMedia.

The ad-supported version will apparently have "the lightest ad load in the streaming industry, coupled with the most premium content."

Tucked away in the press release is confirmation that this lesser version of HBO Max won't have same-day premiere films. (Most every Warner Bros. film in 2021 is getting a dual release.) 

Advertisers will have the ability to book blocks of ads, so you may see fewer commercials in a given set of content, but more from a single brand. You'll also eventually see advertising when you pause a show, and there will be advertising shown as you search for content.

The ad-free version of HBO Max is still on track to launch in 39 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in late June. HBO-branded streaming services in Europe — specifically the Nordics, Spain, Central Europe and Portugal —  will be rebranded to HBO Max later this year.

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