'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' will return in Sept. with a new look

Trevor Noah on "The Daily Social Distancing Show."
(Image credit: Comedy Central)

Comedy Central today announced that The Daily Show With Trevor Noah is about to go on its summer break. But when it returns on Sept. 13, 2021, it'll do so with "a brand new look and feel."

No word on whether that means a new haircut for Trevor Noah (we've been digging the pandemic 'do), or of it's just new branding, or something else entirely. The Daily Social Distancing Show — the stripped down version of the show that essentially was Noah and a couple cameras in what appeared to be a closet in a suburban Trenton, N.J., apartment complex — worked remarkably well. Fully remote isn't easy to do. And while nobody expected that version of The Daily Show to go on forever, we'll be a little sad to see it go when the last episode airs on Thursday, June 17.

When The Daily Show returns, it'll do so in its usual 11 p.m. Eastern time slot.

The summer break doesn't mean you won't see any new Daily Show content, though. There will continue to be new fare across digital platforms, including on social media and podcast platforms. The news team will still build new field packages, sketches and explainers, as well as new bio films on notable fitures.

So far this year, The Daily Show is the No. 1 most-engaging late-nite show (according to Comedy Central) with more than 83 million engagements, 1.4 billion views across all platforms, and some 2.5 billion minutes consumed via YouTube.

Phil Nickinson

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