The Family Chantel fans can’t stop talking about Pedro's feet

Pedro Jimeno in The Family Chantel
Pedro Jimeno in The Family Chantel (Image credit: TLC)

With there being a lot of anticipation from fans wanting to know what was new in the lives of the cast of The Family Chantel, we couldn’t have predicted that Pedro’s feet would be the talk of the season 4 premiere. Sure, viewers had plenty to say about Winter’s pending bariatric weight loss surgery in Mexico, Nicole’s transformation into a pageant contestant and the obvious marital tension between Chantel and Pedro. However, people oddly found themselves distracted by Pedro’s lower extremities. 

It all started in the opening scenes of the episode with Pedro and Chantel seemingly prepared to do yard work around their brand new home. After the audience applauded the couple for upgrading their living situation, it wasn’t long before they noticed that Pedro was opting to work around the property with no shoes on his feet. The 90 Day Fiancé alum claimed that being barefoot outside in the moment made him feel like Tarzan. This may not have alarmed fans as much if he wasn’t wielding a machete to cut vines. 

Then as the scene progressed, viewers saw that the machete was just the tip of the iceberg. Pedro's next task for the day was to "cut a couple of trees," so he picked up a chainsaw. After taking the cover off the electric tool, he placed it on the ground. While holding down the handle of the saw with one foot, he yanked the cord to start the saw with his other foot not too far from the blade. We’ll be the first to admit that our mouths immediately dropped wide open in shock. 

Pedro's feet and a chainsaw in The Family Chantel

(Image credit: TLC)

While it was probably safe to assume the show wouldn’t open with him cutting off a toe or something, we now have concern for him and the any future time he spends cleaning up the area outside around his home. We won’t pretend to be experts in lawn care, but we’re pretty certain those who are would advise individuals to put on shoes when using such sharp objects. Let's be thankful Pedro turned down Chantel's immediate request to mow the lawn. 

Fans react to Pedro being barefoot to do yard work.   

Check out what fans are saying about Pedro’s choice of "no shoes" attire and his use of a chainsaw.   

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