The Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime crossover event — what we know

Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay as Stabler and Benson in Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order Organized Crime crossover event
Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay as Stabler and Benson on an all new cross-over event. (Image credit: NBC)

Arguably the best cop duo to ever hit a television screen, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) are once again joining forces in a special Law & Order crossover event on Thursday, May 5, on NBC. 

The night kicks off at 9 pm ET/PT with a new episode of Law & Order: SVU and then continues with the squad rooms from both shows working a case on Law & Order: Organized Crime at 10 pm ET/PT. For those not able to catch the show live (in case you have Cinco de Mayo plans), you can catch the two-hour event on Hulu and Peacock the next day. 

Here’s what else we know about the upcoming collab:

It looks like the new episode of Law & Order: SVU is titled "Did You Believe in Miracles." The synopsis for the latest installment reads as follows:

"When a student's school reports a girl missing, the squad must track down a trusted family friend for answers. Benson gets a Mother's Day surprise."

The forthcoming episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime is titled "Lost One" and the plot description is below: 

"When a 9-year-old girl is kidnapped in connection with the Brotherhood, Stabler and the task force must work together with Benson and the SVU to track down the culprits before it's too late."

Having paid close attention to the two trailers, Benson utters the words "your daughter has been kidnapped" in both. In each clip, it looks like she is saying that phrase to the same woman. However, in the Organized Crime video, after Benson says the words, the scene cuts to a different woman who is also taken aback by the news. If we had to guess based on the promos and the episode synopses, the SVU detectives are perhaps working a case with multiple kidnappings by one suspect that brings them to Stabler’s door for help. 

It’s also worth noting that in the Organized Crime trailer, Benson says "I’d like to combine forces and work this case together. What do you say, partner?" In response, Stabler smiles and Sergeant Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) is seen nodding in agreement. 

This is significant to fans that have been following along with both shows, because the last time the two squads officially worked together on a case in a crossover event (Law & Order: SVU season 23 episode 3 and Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 episode 3), the teams didn’t end on a great note. Benson’s department was peeved the organized crime unit seemingly lied to her about her rape victim getting justice.

With the smiles and nods in the new promotional material, perhaps that’s all water under the bridge. (For Benson in particular, she seems to have already let go of any animosity given she's made appearances on Organized Crime since the incident.)

Now fans hoping for some insight into whether Dick Wolf’s team of writers will finally push Benson and Stabler into a relationship 23 years in the making, sorry, but we don’t have any hot pipping tea to share. However, we can only hope the duo will get together sometime before the next solar eclipse. 

Fans are excited about the latest Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime crossover event

It looks like we aren’t the only ones gearing up this Thursday. Check out what fans are saying.  

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