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The Nest writer speaks out on a possible second series of the popular BBC series

Martin Compston and Sophie Rundle star in The Nest
(Image credit: BBC / Studio Lambert / Mark Mainz)

The Nest was a giant hit for the Beeb

The Nest writer has spoken out on the possibility of a second series of the popular BBC series.

The hit show, which follows couple Dan (Line of Duty’s Martin Compston) and Emily (Peaky Blinders’ Sophie Rundle) as they attempt to have a baby through the route of surrogacy, was devoured by the nation over the last month and a half.

The five-part drama, which is set in and around Scotland’s Glasgow, saw the wealthy couple pay teenager Kaya (Mirren Mack) to carry their baby – not knowing that the young woman has a particularly dark and complicated background.

And now writer Nicole Taylor has revealed whether fans can expect to see the complex characters return to the screen for a second instalment.

(C) Studio Lambert - Photographer: Mark Mainz

(C) Studio Lambert - Photographer: Mark Mainz

"It's so funny, I'm always wondering why writers who do a closed piece and end up writing a completely unnecessary second series," said Nicole.

"And now I know... because when you say goodbye to characters, you miss them straight away, and you know them so well by this point that it would be so easy for me to write more stuff,” she went on.

"I created the world and the characters, and I love the world and the characters but the story, I never ever had any intention to write a second series, and I wrote this with the intention of a closed-off piece. I'll miss writing those characters."

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So it sounds like a second series won’t be happening!

However, the talented writer revealed that fans may be able to fill the gap created by a lack of a second series with another show.

"I'm going to carry on working with the team that did The Nest and Three Girls - we're going to do something else for BBC1," revealed Nicole.

Dan in The Nest played by Martin Compston

(C) Studio Lambert - Photographer: Mark Mainz

Speaking about the choice of Scottish native Martin Compston, who is known for playing Londoner DS Steve Arnott in BBC’s Line of Duty, in the male lead role, Nicole added, "I always had Martin in mind, I wrote it for Martin because I love Martin.

“When I saw him on Line of Duty, it's so bittersweet but he's speaking with the wrong accent to my ears.

“I really thought there was a romantic lead in him."