The Nichelle Nichols documentary 'Woman in Motion' takes off June 3

Nichelle Nichols in the poster for "Woman in Motion" on Paramount Plus.
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The biggest news out of First Contact Day isn't that Q is coming for Jean-Luc Picard once more. (Assuming they don't team up to fight interstellar crime or something.) It's this: The Nichelle Nichols documentary Woman in Motion premieres July 3 on Paramount+.

Nichols, now 88 years old, is of course best known for playing Lt. Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series, as well as the first batch of movies that followed. Both the actor and the character, however, changed the world in more ways than moth of us know.

Thus the documentary.

Just sit back and watch this trailer and you'll get the tiniest of senses at just how far her reach became not just because of Star Trek, but because of her ambassadorship afterward. For space. For race and civil rights. For gender equality. And, yes, for Trek.

We can't wait for this one.

Paramount+ is available for $5.99 a month if you don't mind ads, and $9.99 if you want to get rid of advertising on the on-demand content. In June, the $5.99 option will be replaced by a $4.99 option that doesn't include access to a live stream of your local CBS affiliate.

The entire Star Trek universe (save for the Kelvin timeline) lives on Paramount+. That includes the new Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery — the next season of which will be available later this year — as well as the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Paramount+ also has live sports, including regional NFL games, as well as the Champions League, Europa League and National Woman's Soccer League in the United States.

You'll also find a host of new original series on Paramount+, including an expansion of the Yellowstone universe.

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