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The Nolans search for long-lost sibling in new docuseries

The Nolan sisters in At Home with the Nolans
(Image credit: Quest Red)

The Nolan sisters reunite for another candid docuseries, At Home With the Nolans, which takes us into the hearts and homes of the iconic singing sensations. And it sees them searching for a long lost sibling...

We’re in the mood for… the Nolans! Yes, the singing siblings are back this week in a new four-part follow-up to the hugely successful series Cruising With the Nolans, which aired on Quest Red in the summer.

This time, Coleen, Linda, Maureen and Anne are joined by their sister Denise, as cameras follow them in their Blackpool homes and Loose Women star Coleen’s new Cheshire farmhouse for a unique insight into their family life.

Expect to see the ladies at their most raw and candid, as Linda and Anne open up about their battles with cancer after being diagnosed within days of each other earlier this year.

But despite the heartache, the Nolan trademark humour provides plenty of laughs as they take viewers on a tour of Blackpool and introduce their extended Nolan clan.

We chatted to Nolan sisters Coleen, 55, Linda, 61, Maureen, 66, Denise, 68, and Anne, 70 – whose hits include I’m in the Mood for Dancing and Don’t Make Wakes – to find out more…

The Nolans Go Cruising was a big hit with viewers. Were you surprised?

Coleen: "We were blown away by the reaction! My social media went insane after the first episode. We were delighted because we loved every single minute of it."

Maureen: "I think women of a certain age related to the subjects we talked about, and we tried to be as honest as we could. We also had a laugh, so we were really up for doing another series."

Denise, you join your sisters this time. How have you found it?

Denise: "I couldn’t join last time because I was working, but I was jealous of all the fun they had so I was determined to get in on the new series. It’s been great to spend quality time with the girls, especially after what Linda and Anne have been through…"

Linda and Anne, you’ve both battled cancer. How are you coping since your diagnoses?

Linda: "It's as devastating for our family as it is for us. At times, I think I just don’t want to burden them with it."

Anne: "We open up about the side effects from our treatment and losing our hair in the series. We were both in hospital for a while and COVID restrictions meant our family couldn't visit. It's hard for anybody going through it, but the pandemic makes it worse."

Cameras also follow you in your search for your long-lost sibling…

Maureen: "Yes, our mother told us about 20 years ago that our father had another child, who would be the same age as Denise now, we think. I get in touch with genealogists on the show and do a DNA test. We are still awaiting the results, so watch this space!"

At Home with the Nolans

The Nolans have a howling time on a Walking with Wolves experience near Blackpool

What else can we expect?

Anne: "You’ll see our brothers, children and grandchildren, plus a lot of our hometown of Blackpool and the countryside around it as we recreate our childhood memories."

Linda: "Also, Coleen and I met a matchmaker and we were meant to go on a double date, but it was too funny. I thought Coleen was going to be sick from laughing!"

Coleen: "Oh, I can’t talk about that double date. I haven’t laughed that much in years!"

At Home With the Nolans airs on Tuesday 1st December, 10pm, on Quest Red and is available to stream on Discovery+