The Orville fans call for season 4 of Seth MacFarlane comedy series

The cast of The Orville
What has the future got in store for The Orville? (Image credit: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

The Orville fans don't want the Hulu comedy series to end after just three seasons and a petition has emerged calling for season 4 to be greenlit.

Right now we don't have official confirmation about the show's future, but fans are optimistic about another instalment and have created a petition to ask Hulu for more action-packed adventures.

In The Orville, we follow down on his luck divorcee and Planetary Union Officer Ed Mercer (MacFarlane) who finally gets his chance to command his own ship. However, the First Officer assigned to his ship is his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) who throws a spanner in the works!

Fans have followed Ed, Kelly and the rest of the crew as they navigate unique challenges where they travel 400 years into the future and have to learn to deal with them as well as each other.

During season 3 we've seen their ship getting refit and repaired, causing conflict between crew, diplomatic space negotiations and strange signals, and despite there still being several episodes left to air up until August, fans are keen to have season 4 confirmed right now!

But what's really going on with The Orville's future? Right now, no one really knows but it has been suggested the series will be "open-ended".

Speaking to CinemaBlend about it, season 3 newcomer Anne Winters said: "I think that the cool thing about the show and being in that space is the freedom to really write and create entire different worlds, and with the simulator, you can bring people back to life. There's really no boundaries. So, regardless of how it leaves off, I think that it's always going to be a little bit open-ended.

"Because you can always create another season of the show and create an entirely different scenario. Seth is just good at creating things, so I wouldn't put it past him to be able to do ten seasons of the show if he wanted to. This is his baby. So I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to do a fourth season. We haven't heard anything yet."

The Orville is available on Hulu in the US and can be watched on Disney Plus in the UK.

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