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The strange and surprising things we learned about the celebs in the Bake Off kitchen

The nervous bakers got off to a crumbly start in the Great Comic Relief Bake Off challenges, as they struggled with shortbread, pork pies and a triple-tiered pavlova.

Here’s what happened…

Jameela Jamil was unaware many foods actually existed…

Jameela Jamil arriving at the Zoe Jordan Catwalk show

(Doug Peters)


Oh Jameela, you haven't got a clue have you. #GBBOComicRelief

— Jenni Boyle (@pvtjen) February 25, 2015


"I've never handled butter before with my bare hands." You've got to be kidding? #GBBOComicRelief #GBBO #jameelajamil #ComicReliefBakeOff

— Jess B (@Jessica_Kate26) February 25, 2015


I can't believe she has never touched butter with her bare hands. #GBBOComicRelief #gbbo

— R1ck J@ns3n (@rckjnsn) February 25, 2015


Never even seen a pork pie?! Jameela! #GBBOComicRelief

— BillingtonsUK (@BillingtonsUK) February 25, 2015


What is lard? – jameela jamil #GBBOComicRelief

— Chris Milsom (@chris_milsom) February 25, 2015


As Cilla Black would say, that's a lorra lorra lard #GBBOComicRelief

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff) February 25, 2015


Jameela Jamil hasn't seen a cake before and she hasn't seen a pork pie before… Has she seen any food before!? Wat #ComicReliefBakeOff

— Rhianne Spurden (@RhiSpurden) February 25, 2015


I'm wondering if there is ANYTHING that Jameela Jamila has seen before? Shortbread? No Pork Pies? No Lard? No #ComicReliefBakeOff

— Nick (@n_jobz) February 25, 2015


The noise I made when I saw Jameela's shortbread idea didn't sound entirely human. #GBBOComicRelief #LooksReallyGood

— Laura Liladell (@LiladellLaura) February 25, 2015


Jameela: “What’s shortbread?” “What’s lard?” “What’s quail egg?” “What is that hot cupboard?” #GBBOComicRelief

— Dave Jones (@WelshGasDoc) February 25, 2015


Jameela Jamil however is doing my head in #GBBOComicRelief

— Nadiah (@NadiahJ_x) February 25, 2015


Jameela has just iced a red onion. I am confused. #GBBOComicRelief

— Anna Wilson (@acwilsonwriter) February 25, 2015


At least she realised…

"I'm not Nigella, and that's alright" @jameelajamil – the voice of the people #GBBOComicRelief

— Chloe Roper (@chloefoodie) February 25, 2015


Michael Sheen is a fast learner...

Michael Sheen arrives for aBFI screening

(Ian West/PA)


The dragon ones look like something put of a CSI episode, the icing looked like blood splatter #GBBOComicRelief

— Hilesh Atara (@Hilesh83) February 25, 2015


Michael Sheen is peeling an onion with a potato peeler. #GBBOComicRelief

— S (@TheShiftyShadow) February 25, 2015


"If at first you don't succeed, bake, bake again!" ~ Michael Sheen #GBBOComicRelief #GBBO #comicreliefgbbo

— Kavita (@Kavey) February 25, 2015


How did Michael win the #ComicReliefBakeOff???!!!

— Debra Baker-Heriot (@custardpenguin) February 25, 2015


Everyone loved Sarah Brown...

Sarah Brown arrives at the Cosmoplitan Women of the Year Awards at the Banqueting House in London

(Ian West/PA)


Sarah Brown's got sass. #GBBOComicRelief

— Kayleigh Anne (@Ceilidhann) February 25, 2015


When Mary Berry compliments your shortbread #GBBOComicRelief

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff) February 25, 2015


Sarah Brown is owning the shortbread round #ComicReliefBakeOff

— Sarah Aston (@Sarah_CSW) February 25, 2015


I bet Sarah Brown was head girl at school. #GBBOComicRelief

— Ita Bloyce (@Ita99) February 25, 2015


Sarah: "That's Gordon Brown telling me it's done." Former PM speaks to his wife through a pork pie?! (oh, golden brown) #GBBOComicRelief

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff) February 25, 2015


Ok how the heck did Sarah Brown not Win?! #bakeoff

— Doug P (@potterwigham) February 25, 2015


David Mitchell is as funny in the kitchen as he is on his shows...

British actor David Mitchell arrives at at a cinema in west London, for the UK Premiere of 'The Debt,

(Joel Ryan/AP)


Who would have thought david Mitchell would be on par with dame Edna #GBBOComicRelief

— sugardough (@sugardoughhove) February 25, 2015


I've never known a baker rely on the number of magpies next to the tent before – I salute you @RealDMitchell #genius #GBBOComicRelief

— Kate Wakefield (@kate_wake) February 25, 2015


Listening to David narrating his own baking downfalls is excellent Weds evening telly #GBBOComicRelief

— Debbie Enever (@debbiee69) February 25, 2015


Bake off happiness #ComicReliefBakeOff

— Laura (@ImtheMary876) February 25, 2015


Grey??!! Oh dear hahaha @RealDMitchell creating his pavlova rocket #GBBOComicRelief

— natasha m (@nrem511) February 25, 2015


David Mitchell covered in flour is the best thing that has happened this year. #bakeoff

— Shirley Some-Mistake (@Bright0nKath) February 25, 2015


Is the “somehow alien, gunmetal grey of interstellar travel" pavlova actually grey?! @RealDMitchell #GBBOComicRelief

— BBCFood (@BBCFood) February 25, 2015