The 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 trailer introduces you to Led Tasso and rom-communism

From left, Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, Braendan Hunt as Coach Beard, and Nick Mohammed as Nathan Shelley in the Apple+ Original series "Ted Lasso."
(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Get ready for an all-new side of Ted Lasso when Season 2 premieres July 23 on Apple TV+. The first full trailer for the follow-up to the award winning series is now up, and it introduces us to a new Ted Lasso. A darker Ted Lasso. An alter ego, if you will.

Behold, Led Tasso.

When we last left AFC Richmond, the team (and Ted) had been relegated out of the Premier League. (For those of you not up on UK football, that means they were sent down from the top league to a lower league.) And since then, apparently, they've had an "embarrassing streak of draws." And, of course, Ted has something to say about that.

But the real meat comes when Ted says "I think it's time for the fellas to meet ... 'that guy' ." Coach Beard then tells us what's in store. "Oh, no," he sys. "Led Tasso." And when someone reverses the first letters of their name, you know what's up.

And sure enough, Led Tasso is a tyrant. He's the anti-Ted. 

You know how this is going to go. There's going to be a lot of pain. And a lot of redemption. And a lot of fun. And a lot of awful, awful one-liners.

Welcome back, Ted.

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