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The Voice 'glitch' accidentally rejects all its potential singing stars

Ever sent a mass email and then realised you’ve made a terrible mistake? Possibly, but probably not on the scale of The Voice this week.

The Voice producers must be feeling pretty embarrassed after they reportedly sent an email to all remaining contestants, saying they’d been knocked out of the competition.

According to The Sun, the aspiring singers had already been through several rounds of auditions to whittle numbers down from 40,000 applicants, before they get a chance to sing for the cameras and the judges in their spinning red chairs.

The Voice

The Voice (Guy Levy/BBC)


But on Monday, the 500 people who are still in the running received the bad news by email, which left precisely zero contestants, the newspaper revealed.

When they realised there had been an IT glitch, the BBC show’s producers had to get on the phone and call 200 of the contestants to tell them they’d made the next round.

A spokesman for The Voice said: “We can confirm this unfortunate incident was caused by a technical glitch and was rectified immediately.”

The Voice returns to the BBC in January.