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THESE two Emmerdale stars have been on screen before - but where?

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Emmerdale's Jai Sharma and Manpreet Jutla are currently sharing a lot of screen time - but not for the first time...

Emmerdale fans have recently seen Jai Sharma confronting his dad's girlfriend Manpreet Jutla over her crippling debt, but what viewers might not realise is that this isn't the first time the pair have been in a soap together.

Chris Bisson, who plays Emmerdale's Jai, and Rebecca Sarker, who is better known as the soap's Doctor Jutla, have also appeared in Coronation Street together, as siblings!

Jai and Manpreet Emmerdale

Actors Chris and Rebecca were on Coronation Street together 20 years ago... and here they are in Emmerdale as Jai and Manpreet

It has been revealed by the Radio Times that the actors played brother and sister Vikram and Nita Desai in Coronation Street exactly 20 years ago, only to find themselves reunited on ITV's other primetime soap.

The Desai family arrived in Weatherfield in 1999, and Nita and Vikram were Dev Alahan's cousins.

While Vikram was something of a troublemaker, causing havoc for friend Steve McDonald, Nita was the most conscientious of the siblings and created a career for herself at Fresco's Supermarket before leaving the cobbles in 2000 to start a new job in Scotland.

Jai and Manpreet in Emmerdale

Jai discovered Manpreet's debt when her car was repossessed

But currently in Emmerdale it is Rebecca's character, Manpreet, who is causing the drama.

The doctor's financial woes became apparent when her card was declined while playing for drinks in the Woolpack last week, leaving Jai suspicious that something was amis.

And his suspicions were confirmed the following day when he arrived home at Holdgate to find a bailiff trying to repossess Manpreet's car.

Emmerdale, Rishi Sharma, Manpreet Jutla

Will Rishi work out that Manpreet has been keeping secrets?

At first the doctor tried to play down what was happening, but Jai was instant that he should know why there was a strange man at his house making demands, and eventually Manpreet was forced to confess she was addicted to spending.

While Manpreet bursted Jai's concerns off, claiming that she was just having a bit of a cash flow issue, it soon became clear that she wasn't entirely telling the truth.

With Manpreet dating his dad, Rishi, will Jai keep her secret safe? Or will he be forced to tell his dad what is going on?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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