Too Hot To Handle: Germany fans in disbelief as cast lose HUGE amount of money in just two days

(L-R) Anna, Emely, Stella, Onyi and Laura
The Too Hot To Handle: Germany cast couldn't resist temptation. (Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle: Germany fans were astonished as the contestants lost a massive amount of prize money in just two days.

Hit Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle returned with a brand new cast of German-speaking singles all wanting to get in on the steamy action. But it wasn't long before virtual assistant Lana crashed the party to announce that all sexual contact was banned.

If they managed to resist their desires, they all had the chance to win €200,000 prize money, but even the huge jackpot wasn't enough to stop some of the Too Hot To Handle: Germany cast from breaking the rules.

After just 32 minutes of announcing the sex ban, Anna and Stella made the first violation by kissing, which cost them €6,000. Stella then violated more rules by kissing Tobias as well as some inappropriate touching, which set them back €14,000.

Kevin and Laura also broke Lana's rules by kissing combined with 'intimate caresses' which cost them €10,000.

Emely and Kevin

Emely and Kevin wracked up a huge deduction bill with their sneaky antics. (Image credit: Paul Hepper/Netflix)

Following in the footsteps of Stella, Kevin lost more of the prize money by kissing Emely. Overall, the contestants lost €36,000 and broke five rules in just 16 hours — this meant that the remaining prize money was now at €164,000.

But it seemed as though they didn't learn their lessons from the previous day, as day three saw the singles break even more rules.

Laura and Onyi witnessed Kevin and Emely kiss, but even though it would have cost them a hefty fee, the group decided to forgive them.

Lana then announced that she had observed a "special violation" in the category of "kissing plus," to which Anna and Fabio reluctantly confessed that they were the culprits and were sanctioned €10,000.

And to bankrupt the group even more, Emely and Kevin broke four rules in one night, costing them all a whopping €68,000. This brought the total prize money to €86,000 by day three.

Fans were stunned by the sheer amount of money the rule breakers blew in just a couple of days, while one fan complained that: "Emely and Kevin broke four f***** rules in one night."

Too Hot To Handle: Germany is available to watch on Netflix now.

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