TV tonight: our highlights for Tuesday 14th April

Prue Leith: Journey with My Daughter
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Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter is just one of the gems on today...

Prue Leith takes a Journey With My Daughter on C4, I'll Get This returns to BBC2 and Gregg and Cherry travel to France in Inside the Factory. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

I'll Get This: Extra Helping, 9pm, C4

I'll Get This

Which one of this lot is going to foot the bill?

Five famous faces return in a new series to play dinner party games to see who will pick up the bill for a luxurious meal. Gabby Logan, Jonathan Ross, comedian Rachel Parris, Mark Wright and Anita Rani are the first diners using their instincts, memory and creativity to win the games. After deciding who would throw the best dinner party (authentic Punjabi food wins the day), the stars then have to choose who is most likely to start an argument with a stranger, or have one drink too many. There’s also a drawing round and an intuition round, which reveals which celeb has gone skinny-dipping, been put in handcuffs, gone hitch-hiking and pooed their pants (!?). 

Rating: ★★★ JL

Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter, 9pm, C4

Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter

Prue Leith helps daughter Li-Da trace her biological family

At the height of her career in the mid-1970s, Bake Off judge and celebrated chef Prue Leith adopted daughter Li-Da, who had been rescued from the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia. Both agree that Li-Da had an idyllic childhood in the Cotswolds, but Li-Da yearns to know more about her roots. In this beautifully open and honest film, Prue and Li-Da travel to Cambodia together, hoping they may be able to find some answers. Prepare to see a very different side to Prue: despite insisting she’s ‘not a woman who cries’, it’s not long before she jokes that the two of them are ‘keeping Kleenex in business’. 

Rating: ★★★★ SP

Inside the Factory, 9pm, BBC2

Inside the Factory

Just stay away from the molten metal, Gregg

Pots and pans are this week’s subject, with Cherry Healey at the sharp end, watching iron ore being dug out of the ground at a nine-mile-wide open-cast mine and Gregg Wallace at the Le Creuset factory in France, watching their distinctive enamelled cast-iron casseroles being made. Ruth Goodman, meanwhile, discovers how the arrival of the factory-made pot revolutionised the world inside and outside the home and learns how to make a proper Lancashire hotpot. All three seem to be having a ton of fun, though Gregg is like a dog with two dinners – that noisy factory means he’s got every excuse to shout louder than normal. 

Rating: ★★★ SM

Your Home Made Perfect, 8pm, BBC2

Your Home Made Perfect

Anuj and Punam have signed on for a mammoth build

Newly married couple Anuj and Punam bought what they thought was their perfect five-bed house in Surrey four years ago. But its cramped, rabbit warren-like layout has left them increasingly frustrated and unhappy. Architects Robert Jamison and Laura Jane Clark are challenged to come up with a social and light space for the 1930s property that can work as their family grows. Robert’s design is unconventional and dramatic, while Laura devises a more conventional but very beautiful plan. Following their favourite design, almost every wall in the house is taken out (and baby Shivan arrives), so it’s a tough rebuild, but the results are really stunning.

Rating: ★★★ JL

Our Girl, 9pm, BBC1

Our Girl

Is Mimi going to give new recruit ‘Cheese’ his marching orders?

A new recruit joins 2 Section in the shape of Rhett ‘Cheese’ Charlton, (ex-EastEnders star Danny Hatchard). While soldiers Throbber, Prof and Monk help him settle in, Cheese doesn’t exactly receive the warmest welcome from junior medic Mimi Saunders. Mimi’s kept her private life very private from the other privates and it’s clear Cheese knows secrets about her that she does NOT want to get out. We think things are about to get interesting… 

Rating: ★★★★ VW

Best box set to watch

Mafia Only Kills in Summer, two series, All4

Anna Foglietta and Nino Frassica

Will Pia get any solace from a man of the cloth?

Two seasons (the second lands on Friday) of the darkly comic Italian crime drama about a family living in Palermo, Sicily, during the 1970s, and trying to steer clear of any involvement with the Mafia.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

The Ritual, 9pm, Film4

The Ritual

Rafe Spall and Sam Troughton star

This atmospheric horror thriller sends four ex-university friends – including Rafe Spall – on a hiking trip in Sweden. When they attempt a short cut through a forest, they inevitably get more than they bargained for. Hallucinatory psychological terrors and grisly physical dangers lie in wait..

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Don't miss Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter on TV tonight – tissues at the ready.

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