TV tonight: our highlights for Saturday 8th August

TV tonight Total Wipeout: Freddie & Paddy Takeover
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Total Wipeout: Freddie & Paddy Takeover is just one of the gems on today...

Total Wipeout is back, with some familiar faces commentating, Dylan confronts Lev in Casualty, and Stephen Mulhern presents new game show Rolling In It. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Casualty, 8.40pm, BBC1

TV tonight Casualty

Dylan is furious with Lev

Some things can’t be unseen, and Dylan is still reeling from spotting Lev passionately kissing an unknown man! Lev is married to Faith, who Dr D just happens to be in love with… Tonight Dylan tells Lev ‘I Know What You Did Last Saturday’ and Lev counters with soap’s ‘Four Stages of Getting Caught Cheating (denial, threats, pushy-shovey, tearful begging)’. You may be surprised where your sympathies lie… Elsewhere, viewers witness David’s heartbreaking ordeal when he was sectioned in 2017. Jason Durr’s performance is haunting. 

★★★★ ER

Total Wipeout: Freddie & Paddy Takeover, 7.10pm, BBC1

TV tonight Total Wipeout: Freddie & Paddy Takeover

Bottoms up! The big red balls are back

Cast your mind back to 2009 when complete strangers would think nothing of flying to Buenos Aires to take part in an outlandish, oversized water assault course in a bid to win £10,000. Relive the magic tonight when Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness gleefully revisit this madcap show – originally presented by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram – that, amazingly, ran for five series. Expect plenty of innuendos about big balls, puns beyond number, contestant bravado and, most importantly of all, many, many falls. Harmless (well, for viewers at least) fun… 

★★ ER

Rolling In It, 6.25pm, ITV

TV tonight Rolling In It

High roller: Jennie McAlpine guests tonight

It seems like we haven’t had a new game show in forever but, never fear, Stephen Mulhern is here with this brand new one, which sees three celebs each help a member of the public win a large cash prize, simply by rolling a coin.  In this first show, Coronation Street stars Antony Cotton, Jennie McAlpine and Sair Khan try their best to help their partners scoop the jackpot. Antony is really competitive – but will it pay off? We all need a bit of fun in our lives at the minute, and this is just the ticket. 

★★★ VW

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Kingdom, seasons 1-3, Netflix

Mixed martial arts drama with tough fight scenes and involving storylines. Ex-fighter and gym owner Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo) trains fighters alongside his two sons – Nate (Nick Jonas), who’s secretly gay, and hard-partying Jay (Jonathan Tucker).

Best film to watch on TV tonight

The Revenant, 9pm, BBC2

TV tonight The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio in his first Oscar-winning role

Taken as an incredible journey through a frozen wilderness beset with dangers, Alejandro Iñárritu’s revenge tale set on the Frontier of the 1820s is simply astonishing. Leonardo DiCaprio is a guide for fur-trappers, who is left for dead after being savaged by a bear. His virtually wordless ordeal of trying to survive is portrayed in a ridiculously realistic fashion and the only quibble is the rather sanctimonious, heavy-handed spiritual subtext. It’s a small gripe, as this is ultimately an astounding piece of cinema. 

Live sport

  • Champions League Football: Bayern Munich v Chelsea 7pm (k-o 8pm), BT Sport 1
  • Snooker World Championship 1.15pm, BBC1

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

Don't miss Total Wipeout: Freddie & Paddy Takeover on TV tonight – epic fails and big red balls

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