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TV tonight Finding Alice
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Finding Alice is just one of the gems on today...

Grieving Alice finally falls apart in this week's Finding Alice, it's the final look at A Perfect Planet, and comedian Rhod Gilbert Stands Up to Infertility. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

A Perfect Planet, 8pm, BBC1

TV tonight A Perfect Planet

Protected: Cape Cod turtles

The final episode of this wonderful series looks at the devastating impact of human activity on the planet’s fragile ecosystems. Some of the inspiring work being done to mitigate this includes a sanctuary for orphaned elephants in Kenya, volunteers rescuing turtles in Cape Cod, and a Jurassic Park-style ‘frozen zoo’, where the DNA of endangered species is kept on ice. The good news is that the planet’s natural resources could replace fossil fuels and provide energy at no cost to the environment. But, as David Attenborough warns, the time to act is now. 

★★★ IM

Finding Alice, 9.10pm, ITV

If Alice (Keeley Hawes) has been vaguely holding it together since Harry’s death, tonight sees her finally fall apart and behave in an even more reckless way. Her fixation on Harry’s ‘is-he-isn’t-he’ long-lost son, George, leads her to conduct her own DNA test before confronting George. On top of that, the council turn up to exhume Harry’s body and then there’s the revelation that Alice’s mum (Joanna Lumley) is having an affair with a neighbour. But as the inquest opens and the truth finally emerges about the night Harry died, will Alice find a way to move forward? 

★★★ HD

Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Infertility, 9.45pm (NI, Wed), BBC2

There are not many men who would set up a stall in the middle of a shopping centre to talk about male infertility. But comedian Rhod Gilbert is determined to raise awareness of this taboo subject, as we see in this documentary, first shown on BBC1 Wales. Inspired by the journey he and his wife Sian have been on over the last six years to start a family, Rhod was shocked to learn how little is known about male infertility and how little support there is for men. A funny, honest and brave film.

★★★★ JL

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Belgravia, series one, BritBox

TV tonight Belgravia

It's a star-studded cast in Belgravia

If Netflix’s Bridgerton has whetted your appetite for period dramas, this series from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes could feed that craving. Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Jack Bardoe and Ella Purnell star in a tale of secrets at the heart of a prominent family.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Bumblebee, 4.30pm, C4

TV tonight Bumblebee

Hailee Steinfeld stars

You wouldn’t usually use the word charm about a Transformers movie, but this spin-off prequel has it in abundance thanks to Hailee Steinfeld’s resourceful heroine and a cute robot hero. Set in 1987, the plot sees Steinfeld’s 18-year-old misfit, still grieving the death of her father, discover a battered yellow VW Beetle in a junkyard. The little car is no ordinary vehicle, however, as Steinfeld quickly learns when she fixes him up – he’s really a disguised Autobot she names Bumblebee. There’s lots of engaging fun as they get to know each other and, of course, plenty of slam-bang action when the evil Decepticons start closing in.

Live sport

  • Premier League Football: Chelsea v Burnley 11.30am (k-o 12pm), BT Sport 1
  • Premier League Football: Leicester v Leeds 1pm (k-o 1.30pm), Sky Sports Premier League/NOW TV
  • Premier League Football: West Ham v Liverpool 4pm (k-o 4.30pm), Sky Sports Premier League/NOW TV
  • Premier League Football: Brighton v Tottenham 7pm (k-o 7.15pm), Sky Sports Premier League/NOW TV

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