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Vudu is finally coming to Amazon Fire TV

Vudu on Amazon Fire TV
(Image credit: Vudu)

Vudu — the digital movie hub once owned by Walmart and now by Fandango (which itself is a part of NBCUniversal) — is finally coming to Amazon Fire TV.

It's not quite available as of publication, but it is coming to the second-largest streaming platform in the United States. (And the largest overseas.)

Vudu is and of itself a digital store, allowing you to rent and purchase movies and watch an all kinds of devices. It also ties into Movies Anywhere, which allows you to watch movies that you've purchased on other stories — like from Apple or Google or Amazon — and watch them all from one place.

It's just not been available on Amazon Fire TV, until now.

"We want Vudu fans to be able to watch movies and TV shows on all of their favorite devices, and Fire TV has been one of our customers’ most-requested devices for streaming content, Kevin Shepela, EVP and chief commercial officer at Fandango, said in a press release. "With Vudu’s vast library of premium content from new release event movies to favorite films and TV shows, we are excited to deliver to Fire TV users so many new viewing options to watch in their living rooms, many in breathtaking 4K."

Vudu has more than 150,000 movies available, and they'll all be accessible through the Vudu app on Fire TV.

The question, then, is which Fire TV device is the best for Vudu. We're still huge fans of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. It has the prefect balance of price (it retails for $49 but usually can be found for less) and specs, including support for 4K resolution, Dolby Vision for HDR, and Dolby Atmos for audio. Plus it's a Fire TV device so it has the full might of Amazon Alexa, available through the voice remote.

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