Waterloo Road's Noah Valentine reveals surprising twist for Preston and Samia

Noah Valentine plays Preston Walters in Waterloo Road.
Noah Valentine plays Preston Walters in Waterloo Road. (Image credit: BBC/Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/David Gennard)

It’s a big day for Waterloo Road lovebirds Preston Walters and Samia Choudhry in the penultimate episode of the season. Preston and Samia's relationship hasn't exactly been going too smoothly all series, and things could be taking a bad turn.

In the latest episode of Waterloo Road season 11, Preston’s gearing up for the biggest basketball game of his life to date. He's the talented captain of the Waterloo Wasps, and Manchester talent scout Jamie Bedford is on his way to the school to watch the team in an exhibition match. Meanwhile, head cheerleader Samia has been tasked with choreographing an epic routine to wow spectators and build up hype.

Samia’s stopped in her tracks, though, when she learns a ‘Hot or Not’ group chat—where the lads have been rating all the girls’ looks—is doing the rounds on social media and she's determined to find out which of the boys was behind it.  

When her early suspicions come to nothing, Samia (Priyasasha Kumari) confides in Preston, who’s preoccupied with the upcoming game, so brushes off her concerns. Likewise, when she turns to Deputy Head and Waterloo Wasps coach, Lindon King (Vincent Jerome), he struggles to find the time to deal with the problem whilst preparing the lads for their star guest's imminent arrival.

Priyasasha Kumari plays Samia Choudhry in Waterloo Road

Samia's angered by 'The List' and she's determined to find out who started it. (Image credit: BBC)

Samia's left horrified, however, when evidence later comes to light that ‘the list’ was started by someone on the basketball team! Preston doesn't prove to be much help, so she decides to take matters into her own hands (much to Preston's frustration). Could this be the end of love’s young dream?

"Preston and Samia are like the golden couple of Waterloo Road, who try to navigate school as a team," says Noah Valentine, who plays him. "But, as always, the course of true love never runs smooth."

Preston, Danny and Kai in Waterloo Road

Preston's furious when Samia confronts him in front of the basketball team. (Image credit: BBC)

Following their spat, Preston drowns his sorrows at Kai’s party. Whilst he processes his own emotions, he causes a bit of a stir, though things soon take a very surprising turn…

"Waterloo Road reflects modern views for a more modern era but does it in a grounded way," says Noah. "We want families to talk about some big topics in their living rooms."

Waterloo Road continues Tuesdays at 8 pm on BBC One. You can catch up with past episodes and the original series over on BBC iPlayer. 

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