What's on for Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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Happy Emmy Nominations Day! Ok, so yesterday was Emmy Nominations day, but today is the day that we get to give you some recommendations based on all of the exceptional programming that got nods. Besides, it's Wednesday. You deserve a nice binge.

If Emmy contenders aren't your thing, don't fret. We've still got plenty of sports options to help get you over the midweek hump! 

2020 Regis Philbin: Morning Maestro

2020 will be honoring the late, great Regis Philbin tonight on a special episode of the series titled Regis Philbin: Morning Maestro. The special will look back on the life and legacy of the legendary host who has literally spent more time on television than any other person in history. 

Watch at 8:00PM EST on ABC.

Schitt's Creek

That's emmy nominated Schitt's Creek to you! Now that the show's wracked up a whopping fifteen nominations, it's the perfect time to catch up on this cultural phenomenon. Going from a small Canadian sitcom to an international smash-hit, Schitt's Creek is the perfect balance of hilarious and heartfelt. 

Stream on Netflix any time!

MLB: Dodgers vs. Astros

Yes, yes, insert Astros cheating joke here. All the same, MLB is back and it's the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. The Houston Astros tonight. Dodgers are currently at 2-2 with the Astros currently sitting at 3-1. Should be an interesting matchup! 

Watch at 5:00PM EST on ESPN.

Nailed It

We've talked a lot about cooking shows since the pandemic started. They're the perfect quarantine binge, giving comfort where there's little. But it can be a little intimidating watching all of these master chefs rocking it in the kitchen while some of us burn spaghetti! Enter Nailed It, the sweet, hilarious, messy cooking show made for folks who are the opposite of masters but still love baking! 

Stream it any time on Netflix.

Ultimate Tag

When you consider the fact that all sports are weird from an outsider perspective, Ultimate Tag doesn't seem so odd! Follow six contestants as they enter the tag arena to compete for a huge grand prize of $10,000 as they try to outrun a team of elite taggers. 10K just to outrun someone? 

No let's be honest, I'd probably still not feel too inclined to run. 

Watch at 8:00PM EST on FOX.


26 Emmy nods for this giant of a series, including the exceptional Regina King as lead actress. Like the other Emmy hopefuls listed here, we're reminding you that now is the perfect time to binge this incredible series before you (if there's any justice) watch it sweep all of these categories.

Stream at any time on HBO Max. 

NHL: Islanders vs Rangers

The NHL is finally able to continue its season now that it's relocated the league up to Ontario. The New York Islanders take on the New York Rangers in a Big Apple Brawl.

Watch at 6:00PM EST on NBCSN

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