What's on TV for Saturday, August 15

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Happy Saturday! If you’re looking for something to watch while you’re relaxing on the couch this weekend we’ve found some pretty great options.

Tonight game three of the first round of the Stanley Cup finals is happening, as is a fight featuring the current super-middleweight champion, David Benavidez. Season 2 of The Stranger arrived on Netflix this morning, and we’ve found new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and Hotel Paranormal that are also worth a look.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Knights v. Blackhawks

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, with tonight bringing Game 3 of a few matchups. Our pick tonight is the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks,  part of the first round series for the western conference. This is the Golden Knights 2nd season as a team ever, and also their 2nd appearance in the playoffs. They’re currently 2-0 in the series, so if they win tonight they’ll need just one more win to advance to round 2.

Watch at 8pm EDT on NBC.

The UnXplained

William Shatner hosts a new episode of The Unexplained tonight. Tonight;’s episode focuses on people who are living double lives, with a spotlight on some of the world’s most infamous imposters including “Clark Rockefeller” a.k.a. Christina Gerhartsreiter; Anna Anderson; and Ferdinand Demara.

Watch at 9pm EDT on the History Channel.

Hotel Paranormal

Take a trip to a haunted hotel in tonight’s new episode of Hotel Paranormal. At the hotel, a cocktail waitress claims to have seen patrons levitating, glasses shattering on their own, and then being attacked by demons while she’s in the restroom. Sounds like a pretty rough night. And if that wasn’t enough, the show also highlights a brewer that has opened a B&B in a former brother and is trying to fight off spirits with evil motives.

Watch tonight at 10pm EDT on the Travel Channel.

Sharks Gone Wild 3

Forget Girls Gone Wild, tonight Discovery is airing Sharks Gone Wild, a show that brings together tons of different shark content ranging from viral videos to news stories. It’s almost the end of Shark Week, which means this is also one of your last chances to get your yearly dose of shark content in.

Watch tonight at 10pm PDT on Discovery

Say Yes to the Dress

While a lot of weddings have been canceled or postposed thanks to the pandemic, wedding season is still upon us. In tonight’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress we’ll meet a bride who has to choose sides between her two moms that each have different opinions on what dress she should wear, and we meet a bride that plans to ride a mechanical shark to the alter.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on TLC

The Stranger: Season 2

Season 2 of The Stranger arrives on Netflix today. The show was originally supposed to only be one season, so we actually got a bit of a resolution at the end of season 1. Season 1 of the 8-part show follows a mysterious woman who wreaks havoc on a town by blackmailing them with various secrets they have. We haven’t seen any trailers for this season yet, so the whole thing is kind of, you know, a secret.

Watch anytime on Netflix

Showtime Championship Boxing

After a brief pause due to the pandemic, boxing is back. Tonight Super-middleweight champ David Benavidez (22-0, 19 KOs) takes on Alexis Angulo (26-1, 22 KOs) in Showtime Championship Boxing. The event is happening live in Uncasville, Connecticut but you can watch it live from your couch.

Watch tonight at 9pm EDT on Showtime.

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